Do as I say, not as I do.

Matt’s brother, Chris, is visiting from Vegas. While I love his visits, this inevitably leads to a communicating and organizational skills headache.
See, when Chris visits, we know months in advance, however the planning doesn’t happen until a few days before if we’re lucky. I remember Matt saying to me two days before he got here, “I was talking to Chris and he doesn’t even know who’s picking him up from the airport.” Nice.

Let’s go back to Monday, shall we? I get a phone call from Matt while he’s at work which usually never happens. I got a little worried for a moment until he asks, “I’m trying to think of outdoor activities to do with Chris while he’s in town. He wants to go white water rafting, but I don’t want to die.” After much debate (mostly with himself) he decides to call his brother. I don’t know why this surprised me. A normal person would have consulted the person who’s going to do the activity, but that my friends would be communicating, which is lacking at times. Matt likes things difficult, which is fine and dandy; it just makes life more interesting.

I hang up with him and he calls both his brothers and they decide on canoeing. It was that simple.

Now, while I’m giving my husband a hard time, I’m allowed because I’m an organizational genius! No. Not really. I was never organized until I had children. And even up until the birth of Luca I was still trying to figure it out. The small amount of organization skills I have are as follows:

*Our TV remote has been missing since last Wednesday.

*Our dining room table holds our daily vitamins.

*I found a size 6 months outfit in Claire’s drawer yesterday. She’s almost 2.

*We went to Chillicothe, OH (I‘ll have stories of that later) with Matt’s favorite Pittsburgh Penguins shirts. After we both SWORE that we had double, triple checked every square inch of the hotel room…we came home with out them.
*I keep underwear, beaters, tanks and bras in my top right drawer. Never mind I have to stuff them in there to fit.

*We do, however, keep our white every day socks separate from the pretty work socks. Sometimes, however, I do find a Claire sock in there.

*We keep Claire’s toy box and such in the bookshelf. Where are the books? In the basement.

*You know how you wash your clothes with all matching socks, but when they come out of the dryer, you’re missing ONE? Yah. I’m constantly missing Luca’s onsies.

*When I think of a linen closet, it’s typically as such. Nope. Ours holds board games, Sam’s Club bulk items, (can you say lifetime supply of toothbrushes and contact solution?) and extension cords.

*The towels are sometimes in the bathroom, sometimes on our dresser, sometimes in our bedroom closet. Depends on my mood I suppose.

*Speaking of closets, I’m pretty sure the guest closet holds an old TV, suitcases from the 1980’s, my wedding dress and Dick Blick art paper. I’m afraid to look.

*Need a cheese grater? You have to look in the cupboard with all the coffee cups and hand chopper. Not there? OK, try the cupboard above the stove with Claire’s oatmeal and the small coffee cups. Still can’t find it? Well then you’re shit out of luck then. Just go buy a new one. There’s really no hope at this point.

I told you, I’m an organizational genius.





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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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