Dinner Shenanigans and a Friday Night

Random things that I couldn’t get into a normal, organized blog.

*Tonight was a “whatever’s in the fridge, let’s heat it up and eat it,” kind of dinner. Since part of what we found was pasta and sauce related, it was a naked dinner…for Claire. Not Matt and I. We were fully clothed.

Naked Dinner!

*I threw Luca’s dirty diaper from the play room through the dining room, hoping to bank it off the doorway and then arc into the kitchen. Don’t laugh. It’s been done before. Instead, it went off the wall, and across the dinner table, whizzing past Matt’s head (who was still eating dinner) and on to my empty chair.

*After dinner, we all congregated into the play room where we played in the ‘tent’ or ‘fort’ if you will. Claire insisted we all fit in there, and then started calling for the dog. That’s when it got too silly for me.

In the tent!

In the tent! 


It is obviously a cramped space.

Still, that doesn’t stop me from taking an obsene amount of photos.


Yes, I’m all up in everyone’s faces


*Luca wouldn’t fall asleep until I sang “Goodnight My Angel” by Billy Joel. Sure, my voice isn’t wonderful, but to Luca it some how comforted him. I don’t know how my voice doesn’t peel the paint off the walls. Still, it was the perfect ending that I needed after having a rough day at work.

*When I got downstairs after laying with Claire, Matt had on Ghost Adventurers and his laptop open to his Fantasy Football team. I think Ghost Adventurers is a terrible rip off of Ghost Hunters…a personal favorite.

*Bigfootville is now on the TV. I don’t possibly know what more can be said about that.


Happy Friday Night!


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. You, take an ridiculous amount of pictures? Never! Lol!

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