Dora and the Art of Pooping

I made a trip to Monroeville today because we had a gift card for Babys R Us. I had planned on getting a toy for Luca and another potty chair for Claire for the upstairs bathroom. Exciting stuff, I know. I asked Claire which ‘potty topper’ she wanted and she chose Dora.

Fastforward to desert. We drove across the street to TGI Fridays for some desert. I had been feeling a little down, so I thought that a Browine Obsession would cheer me up a bit. Plus having some quality one-on-one time with the kids is always a plus. Luca was good until the desert came and then he wanted to be held. *Sigh* So I get him out of his car seat and lift him up high on my shoulder. I was able to eat the desert in peace with minimal interruption from Luca. He was happy yanking my hair out.

As we were finishing our desert, Claire turns to me and says, “Mommy, poopie.” You’ve got to be KIDDING me. It’s one thing when it’s me and Matt or me and Carly, but since it was just me, it creates twice the work. Off we go to the bathroom with Luca still on my shoulder.

I get her butt up on the giant toilet with Luca still pulling my hair high up on my shoulder and she says, “Mommy, Dora…poopie!” *Double sigh* I left the potty in the car. After much debate, I get her diaper back on, walk back to the table and pay the bill.

We get home and all she wants to do is sit on Dora and “Poopie.”

That was an hour ago. We still have no poopie, but what I do have is a half naked almost two year old watching “Wonder Pets” with stinky feet.

Of course as I write this, she is back sitting on her Dora potty and singing to herself, “Hot dog! Hot dog! Hot Dora, Dora, Poopie!”


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  1. Oh my! This post totally reminded me of when I was in the hospital having given birth to my second child, and three year old child #1 was in the room with us when Dad left for some errand. So child #1 decides she must go to potty and the bathroom in the room is in use. Then I have to take newborn baby and Child #1 down the hall to the first available potty and the nurse who sees me begins scolding me for taking newborn out of the room!!!! I just remember thinking how much more challenging life was gonna be with two kids!

    • Oh no!! Isn’t that the worst? That nurse was a jerk, too. I love how they act like you’re never going to take the baby home, yanno? (I’m a nurse, so I can call other nurses jerks)


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