The Case of the Missing Decal

Have I mentioned yet that I’m a HUGE Penguins fan? I’m sure I have, but in case that fact hasn’t been stated enough, I’m a HUGE FAN. GIANT. So big that I’d willingly have any of their babies. OK, that’s going too far, but I’d totally make out with them. And Matt’s an even bigger fan and I’m pretty sure he’d be OK with that.

Anyway, today after a nice lunch with Carly, Mom and the kids, I came back to my Jeep to notice that my 2009 Stanley Cup Champs decal had been stolen. WTF? I was FUMING.

I was so upset about it that literally every other thing I said was, “Why would someone do that?” or “Is someone that cheap that they can’t buy their own?” 

Here is an example of my afternoon conversations:

Carly: “I have to go to my internship tomorrow.”

Me: “Seriously, why would someone take my decal?”

Mom: “Is Claire still napping?”

Me: “I mean, c’mon, I’ll give them the 4 bucks to buy it at Dick’s.”

Carly: “Are you aware that Luca spit up all over you?”

Me: “Well atleast someone else is enjoying the greatness that is the Penguins.”

Mom: “Did you enjoy your popcorn?”

Me: “I feel slightly empty now that my decal is gone.”

You get the point.

So, over dinner, I casually mentioned to Matt that the decal was stolen. It actually was more of, “Why the f*** would someone do that? Do they not know what that decal meant to me?” He laughed and said, “Naw, Claire has it in the back of her trike. It’s been there for about a week now.”

SERIOUSLY??? Let’s let that sink in for a second.


First of all, I’m proud that Claire loves the Penguins as much as I do. Enough to steal from her Mother.

Secondly, it’s really super cute that she put it on her trike.

But where the heck have I been? And why was I so clueless to not notice my beloved decal had gone missing?!?

This frightens me only slightly since the decal is back and I feel whole again.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. LOL Gotta love mommy brain!

  2. Hah!!! It’s even more funny that your hubby knew your daughter was a klepto and didn’t say anything. 🙂 I’m glad its your daughter and not some stranger stealing your prized possessions!!

  3. LOL… that’s kind of like raging about how someone stole your eyeglasses and then have it pointed out that they are pushed up on the top of your head.

    It’s been a very good summer, sports-wise, for me here in Baltimore. No one can say jack to me… Super Bowl? Won. Stanley Cup? Won. World Ser… OK, never mind. At least the Orioles are mining the same part of the cellar that the Pirates are. But speaking of cellars…

    I have a fellow Pens fan friend here and she is determined to move closer to Pittsburgh and buy season tickets, just so she can have one of the players (cough..Letang… coughcough) deliver them to her. And then lure him into the pit she plans on digging in the basement…

    • She sounds very colorful. But if she really had super awesome Pens taste she’d want Orpik. Something about those tall scrapy men…yup. “…it rubs the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again!…”

  4. I don’t know… Brooksie’s got the crazy-eyes… But she does like the idea of a tough hockey player on her side in case there’s a bar-fight.

    It’s funny you mention the “lotion”…

    Part of our banter on the subject includes my friend telling her pitted new pal…

    “It puts the skates upon its feet, or else it doesn’t get a treat.”

    “Put the puck in the basket… Put the f’n puck in the basket!”
    Then she goes back up stairs, puts on his jersey and makes skating motions in the mirror…

    Sometimes I think we have too much spare time…

  5. Lady, do I know how you feel. Good old “P” brain – pregnancy brain never goes away after baby number 2.

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