Facebook. A sick addiction? I think so.

Oh facebook. The love/hate relationship we have.

I check you every morning before I start my day, I refresh you every evening before it’s OK to go to bed. I post updates religiously to let random people (mostly my family) know what I’m doing. I play endless hours of WordTwist…

A personal favorite thing to do on Facebook is comment on other peoples’ statuses. However, there are times I regret doing so, when I have 90 notifications, all on that person’s status. Apparently what I had to say wasn’t witty enough, so others felt it necessary to add their two cents.

I have 175 friends. Most of which are from my old high school and people I work with. The majority of my ‘friends’ aren’t really friends. But there are times you can’t say no, or because you graduated with them  it’s proper decorum to friend them.

But, with the 175 friends, I also have my ritual purging. I know it sounds mean, but the people I purge are people  that I’ve never been friends with in the first place. They were probably a friend of a friend or a parent of a friend or a creepy person that I don’t want knowing anything ever about my personal life. Or my biggest pet peeve, people who friend you just so they can have 1,000 friends. I don’t care who you are. Unless you’re Paris Hilton or something, you don’t have 1,000 friends. Ain’t no way.

Here are a few of my latest updates:

Cassie : if having your kid scream at you for an hour straight is fun, then I’m having a blast!

Cassie: almost felt guilt for swiping ‘no lunch’ for the second shift in a row. Almost.

Cassie: Tamilee Webb, you saucy thing you. You kicked my ass again. Until tomorrow.

As you can plainly see, my updates are a direct reflection of all the craziness that is my life. Craziness!

So what would I do without Facebook? I mean, seriously. With no way to vent my random anger and no one to read about it…I’d be so empty. If I didn’t get at least two notifications for a WordTwist challenge a day, I’d be lost. If I didn’t have the same game of Scrabble going on for the past two months…actually, I’d be less frustrated, since it’s been CARLY’S TURN FOR THE PAST MONTH OR SOMETHING. TAKE YOUR TURN ALREADY!!!

So in conclusion, they say the first step is to admit you have a problem.


My name is Cassie and I have a Facebook addiction.



About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Why don’t you write a blog about your unhealthy obsession with TWITTER?? Lol!

    And do we still seriously have a game of Scrabble? Oy.

  2. You’ve jumped a big hurdle simply by admitting it… 🙂

  3. Hi Cassie! (Said in a monotone just like in AA meetings)

    My Facebok addiction is Bumper Stickers. I go through them with no intention of sending any, and then I realize I am on page 47 of the Bumper Stickers. Lame.

  4. The swapping drinks games were fun for about a week, then it was like, “what’s the point of being “E-drunk?”

    I’m afraid to unfriend anyone… do they get notified? I can just see them showing up and being all, “What’s wrong with me? Do I not have feelings? I am not an animallllll.”

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