It was a blah kind of day…

Claire fell yesterday, however neither Matt nor I witnessed it. She was saying something about her knee hurting but quickly got over it. This morning she woke up sensitive and obviously in pain. She also had a limp. But I gave her some tylenol and she got over it again. What a trooper, though. She walked around all day like she had a peg leg and really didn’t complain about it much. She was more interested in telling us about a ‘boo boo’ she got on her elbow a few days back.

We went to Hartwood for a walk and she insisted on getting out to see the horses and there was that limp. I kept calling her hop along Cassidy. I finally decided I should call the doctor. Dr. Wilson said that he wasn’t concerned about it being a fracture and recommended I see her regular doctor tomorrow. No need for an ER visit. (Which I greatly appreciated hearing.) So we came home and that was that. She limped, I worried, she limped some more and I worried some more…you get the picture.

Reason why I’m so concerned is that I had broken my hip when I was 17. Remember how I went to basic training? Yah, I broke my hip somewhere between week 4 and 5 (after breaking my left foot) and then continued on it for the remainder of training. Apparently I have some sort of congenital hip displacement that wasn’t too severe, but bad enough to cause an easy fracture. And it’s genetic. So I fear that I’ll give that to my kids. I’m sure this whole limping thing will resolve itself and I just need to have her rest, but I still freak out about those things… I never saw her fall.

In other news, Luca is adorable. Can I just say that? What’s that? You need a picture to prove it?











Claire is pretty cute, too.









(Notice the Pens shirt? Yah, I love it, too.)

(Oh, and of course, Matt was wearing his Pens shirt, too.)


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  1. I still can’t believe you did all that basic training wth a broken hip. You must be impervious to pain.

    My mom is like that, as evidenced by the way she handles hot dishes and stuff. She’s go, “honey, the dishes are ready for you to do…” and I’d come in to do my chores, put my hands in the water and then scream bloody murder. Same with plates… she’d be holding a plate in her hand and go, “here… it’s a little hot…”. I’d touch it and be “AAAIIEEEEEEEEEE!!”

    I always figured it was a “mother” thing, like once you’ve given birth, no other pain is relevant.

  2. Yes, you proved it – they’re adorable!! Hope she heals quickly. 🙂

  3. Look at the curly hair!!! I want it!

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