Rainy days and Mondays…er, I mean Tuesdays

At this exact moment Claire is sleeping, Luca is in the swing and my best friend Ian is playing the Wii. First he took about 20 minutes to create his perfect Mii. I’ll admit, it does look like him. Then he started by playing baseball, for which he made fun of my Mii because apparently he couldn’t hit when I came up. To which I say, “Whatever, Ian. Mama Cass is the shiznizzle.” However, it’s his commentary that I personally find the best. (He’s playing tennis at this point.)

“Take that!”

“My front hand is good.”

“I wouldn’t let a girl get an ace on me. Let’s get serious here.”

“Oooh! I skipped it off the net.” (As he goes flying through the air)

“Stop laughing at me, I’m having fun. It’s 30/30 though, I don’t like THIS.”

“I almost took out this little girl here, you see here, she’s right here. Watch this. Watch. Pow!”

“MMMMMM.” (flipping the bird)

“Oooh, it moved! That’s crappy.”

“This one’s hard…” (I responded with, “That’s what she said.”)

Another diving swing, “Yes!”

“C’mon hoe, keep ’em flowin’.”

“Awww, see, that’s crap. It hit the friggin bar!”

“I’m sweating.”

Luca is now getting in on the commentary action. “Oooh! *spit bubbles* bllllluuupppsss…..”

Ian continues: (This time playing baseball.)

“C’mon Ian, you stink!” *Giant sigh*

“I’m going to throw my arm out of the socket…why am I swinging too early?”

Luca: “Awwwaaaaaa….oooooooo….” (lots of drool.)

Ian: “It’s crushed…see ya!”

(Keep in mind, I’m sitting here on the couch just typing away. Men are so easy to entertain themselves.)


Happy Tuesday!


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Men are ALWAYS easily entertained. Give ’em Rosy and her five friends and there’s nothing they can’t do 🙂

  2. We men have to be easily amused because we spend so much time waiting for our ladies we’d go crazy otherwise.

    Heck, I can amuse myself with the Wii SETTINGS for a half an hour…

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