weekend update

Last Friday I spent my day babysitting my niece and nephew like I always do. This means I have to be up and at ‘em by about 7:30am, ready to change copious amounts of diapers, feed two meals plus snacks to two small children, give naps, and somehow find time to shower. I’ve gotten pretty good at playing mommy on Fridays and juggling my duties, and this past Friday was no exception, except I did it on about 4 hours of sleep. For whatever reason, I had a case of insomnia the night before and spent half my night staring at the ceiling.

After watching the kids all day, I had plans to go to a Pirates baseball game. I know they are currently the worst team in Major League Baseball, but the ball park is beautiful and it was $1.00 hot dog night. Yum! Cheap hot dogs almost justify paying $8.00 for a beer…almost. And wouldn’t you know, the crappy Pirates actually won. Who’d’ve thunk it?

The next day was relatively uneventful since I had to work all day. I work every Saturday at Staples and it has caused me to have a strong dislike for the public. I’d quit, except by working exactly one day a week pays for my health insurance, which costs ridiculous amounts of money. I’m one of those people who is terrified of not being insured. I’m convinced the moment I don’t have it, I’ll be diagnosed with some hideous disease. Paranoid? Perhaps. In favor of a public health care option? Yes, please. But anywho…

So, after work on Saturday, I get a phone call from Cassie asking if I had sent her a virus via email. At this point I hadn’t been on my computer in over 24 hours, and had sent no such email. Turns out someone hacked into my computer because my virus protection expired a few weeks ago, and sent everyone on my email list a virus. But not just any virus, but a porn virus. Cassie said she opened the link and had va-jay jays in her face for hours! And who did this porn virus go out to you ask? Hmmm, let’s see, my grandparents (eek!), my aunts, my mother and sister, numerous friends, and a few of my professors (double eek!). Needless to say, I was temporarily mortified.

Sunday I spent my day driving to Detroit to watch a Vikings and Lions game. Being originally from Minnesota, I thought, what the hell, how about some football? Detroit is only about 5 hours away, so a friend of mine from work got tickets and we made a mini road trip out of it. The whole place smelled like beer and boys, and took me back to my frat party days…anyway…It was fun to watch Brett Favre play and destroy the Lions. In our section, we were the only two Vikings fans in a sea of defeated, drunk Lions fans, and at times, we got some not so nice words thrown at us.

To finish my little re-cap for the last few days, I’ll end with Monday (yesterday). The majority of the day I spent writing a paper for my Colonial American history class. After class, however, I got together with my friend Ben and we had a “few” drinks. I’m starting to believe that he is turning me into an alcoholic, since every time he comes over, it’s usually with a case of beer. Typically, our beer of choice is Blue Moon, sometimes with a side of Guinness. Last night, though, we decided to drink red wine. A lot of red wine. And listen to a lot of really bad ‘90s music. For whatever reason, we thought it would be super fun to dig out my old mixed cds from about ten years ago. Each cd was fun and ridiculous surprise.

Four hours of sleep and a horrible hangover later, here I sit. I think it’s time for a nap!


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. That’s quite a weekend… diapers, porn, beer, football and wine. Looks like you’ve covered all bases.

    I’m just wondering what it is that a Lion fan can give anyone shit about… If my city and my team were crumbling around me, I’d be likely to just sit down, shut the hell up and be thankful anyone even bothered to show up on game day.

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