Where did yesterday go?!?


Yesterday I had to work. Since it was Friday it was my typical 8 hour, 7A to 3:30P shift. Matt was home because of the G20 Summit, but Carly still came to watch the kids since he still had work to get done.  It was a terribly busy shift. It was so bad that the secretary felt bad for me. Plus she was tired of being my personal phone secretary. (A patient’s son called me about 15 times, and I’m not even close to exaggerating. Plus every patient request for testing were for mine.)  I also had a family that would literally follow me around the hallway asking me questions. Some pertained to their family member but others (and most) were about nothing…”What does the green light mean outside the room?” “How do you know if a patient is calling?” “What’s the weather like outside?” (The last one I wanted to answer by saying, “I wouldn’t know, I’ve been indoors since 6:30 this morning, but since you’re really annoying me, do you think you could go find out for yourself?”)

At 1 I called Matt to see if it was OK if I stayed until 7:30 because we were SO incredibly short and the acuity was so high. (Meaning people were sick, super sick.) He said that was fine since it meant I’d get 4 hours off of Saturday’s 12 hour shift.

At 5:30 I called Matt to see if it was OK if I stayed until 11 because again we were SO incredibly short and we were getting new admissions left and right. He said, “Are you SURE you can do that?!? Didn’t Luca keep you up pretty much all night last night?”

At 8 I totally regretted my decision.

At 8:15 I got my second (or third) wind.

At 9 I was hating myself again.

At 10 I did a dance in the nurse’s station because I only had an hour left.

At 11, Martha turned to me and said, “Get your butt out of here!”

I vaguely remember my drive home. I do remember listening to HLN on Sirius radio where Showbiz Tonight was playing and of course they were still talking about Mackenzie Phillips and her incestuous relationship with her father, a former Mamas and the Papas singer. How sad, I kept thinking to myself, yet how gross.

The pros of staying totally out weighed the cons. For example, I’m at home right now. Secondly, I’m at home right now. Lastly, I got to sleep in, and I’m at home right now.

The cons were of course that I’m a nut job who had to get up with Luca all night…(you can figure that one out) and Claire was bright eyed and bushytailed at 5:30 AM. Matt let her crawl into bed with us and she slept for another half hour, then she woke me up by poking me in the eyes saying, “Wooah Mommy. Wow wow!” (Translation, Hello, Mommy, I want to watch Wow Wow Wubbzy!)

Matt, being the kind man who loves and respects me (and his genitals) promptly took her downstairs so I could get more sleep.

At 8, Luca was hungry, so I think I fed him.

At 11 I crawled my butt out of bed and tried to remember the last time I slept that late.

It’s 1 now. I’ve showered, blow dried my hair (a first this year), put on make up and tried on my new Old Navy sweater (because it’s 59 degrees out and rainy…btw, the sweater is so super cute!) Both the kids are sleeping and I’m listening to my favorite XM station. (It’s Pops, OK. I’m a classical music nerd…make fun of me later.)

I’m getting a cold and I want to go back to bed.

Sure if I didn’t kill myself to work those extra hours yesterday I’d be nearly done with my shift already, but I don’t really care. I’m at home, it’s warm, no one’s pooping on me and the only family that can annoy me is my own.


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  1. I don’t know how you do it.
    Hope you don’t get sick on top of it all… that’s the last thing you need.

  2. You obviously made the right choice and stayed late and work. I totally would have stayed at work until 1:00 am if it meant I didn’t have to be working right now.

  3. Cassie: I’m glad no one is currently pooping on you. (although you did write this hours ago, so things could have changed…) I hope you’re not getting sick because that means I will most liikely get sick somehow because it will travel around your household, invading body after body, and by the time I get there next Thursday night, it will invade mine. 🙂
    xoxo, Carly

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