Damn you sock

My day started out like every other day: Claire comes up the stairs  and says, “Mama!” (I’m pretty sure Matt sends her up), I ignore her, she then proceeds to play with my toes, I still try to ignore her, then she hands me a random object, and I’m up! Today was a phone.

I had all the best intentions of getting one thing done and one thing alone: go to Giant Eagle to pick up my crazy meds. It’s 3 o’clock and I haven’t done that yet. But I have a good reason. Follow with me now.

I wanted to smell as fresh as a daisy when I showed up at Giant Eagle, so I took a shower. Of course, I had to wait until Luca woke up from his nap because it’s inevitable that the second I step foot in the shower he’ll wake up otherwise. So once he was awake, I got good ‘n clean. I got out, got dressed, and while I was drying my hair, I noticed a sock on the floor.

Seeming innocent enough, I pick it up and it’s covered (I mean COVERED) in dog fur, dust, dander, whathaveyou. I could hardly tell it was a sock anymore. You know Matt is an asthmatic, and yet you let our bedroom get this dusty and gross? What kind of wife are you?Well, dusty no more! Gross, GONE! I went downstairs, got the vacuum and promptly got to work. As I was pulling the bed from the wall, I figured, well, it’s time for a change, how about I rearrange, too? (Bless Luca’s little heart, the entire time this is going on, he’s ‘flying’ on his tummy on the floor watching me, thinking I’m a crazy, crazy woman. Yes, son, I am.) So I rearrange the entire room. Then I figure, well the wood floors probably need to be cleaned, but since Claire is awake and clumsy, I’ll just spot clean.

This then turned into me finding random onsies about the room, all the wrong size. Well, Luca IS 4 months now, I should probably get rid of all the 0-3 month onsies that are laying around. And onto the nursery I go.

You can clearly see where this is going.

I rewarded myself with an hour family nap in good ‘ol Claire’s room (to which she is still enjoying with out the rest of the family.) When she wakes up I’ll get my butt out to the Big Bird and finally accomplish something, because MAN! I have been such a slacker today.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. That sounds like a completely awesomely productive day. Especially the family nap thing.

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