The Passport.

Carly and I laughed so hard today that her smokers laugh came out and I teared up…

Matt’s passport came in the mail today. Let me just say this: his photo looks like he’s mid sneeze, high…with a lazy eye.

The best part about it? He gets to have that photo for the next 10 years!

*Note, Carly does not in fact smoke, nor has she ever. Her ‘smokers laugh’ comes from years of living with smokers and subsequently she has a very hillarious laugh. Her laugh makes me laugh. It’s just that fun!

OK, I’m going to continue to enjoy the first Pens game of the season!

About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Don’t be surprised if he refuses to go anywhere with you for the next 10 years. Just think of all the chaos at the airport if he does!

    “Dude… this isn’t you. Your eye is normal.”

    Watching the Pens now via Center Ice. The banner hanging gave me major chills!

  2. Passport pictures are awful. Never seen a good one. I hide my passport form my boyfriend when we go to Mexico almost every summer… he still hasn’t seen it.

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