Too many distractions…

Why am I writing a blog? I should most definitely be reading about Tituba and the Salem Witch Trials for my Colonial America class, but I’m not. While I love the subject matter, I find there are too many distractions tonight. One, I have pressure to write a blog since my contributions to this site as of late have been nearly non-existent. Two, the Pens are playing. Duh. Three, I’m tired. Five hours of sleep and ten hours of babysitting shenanigans is enough to drive a girl to drink. And four, I’m eating pumpkin ice cream, and I just don’t have enough hands to eat ice cream and hold a book at the same time. (Although, somehow I can eat and type at the same time…) You see, too many distractions.

So this week has been busy to say the least. Between homework, classes, interning, mandatory beer drinking (what?), working, and babysitting, I’ve had little time for sleep…and cleaning. I really, really need to give my apartment a full and thorough scrub-down. I live in shoebox sized apartment, as Cassie lovingly refers to it, therefore a little clutter could literally cause you to break your neck if not careful. It’s sad, I can lay on my bed/couch/table and seriously touch both my refrigerator and tv. I can walk from one end to the other in five moderately spaced steps. But somehow I cram my whole life in here. I have a desk with a computer, a stereo, a bookshelf, a 24 inch tv, a coat rack, an exercise bike, a huge-assed desk chair, a night stand, and a whole lot of other shit. And the thing is I like it here. I spend a lot of time here. I even have friends over. Usually only one or two at a time, but still, I entertain. It’s cozy and functional. Who needs extravagance? Not this girl!

Anyways… tomorrow my crazy week will come to an end, and I’ll spend it in my hometown watching a parade and catching up with friends. That’s right, it’s ALF time. Autumn Leaf Festival, that is. Clarion, PA is the Autumn Leaf capital of the world…or so they say. It’s honestly just an excuse for Western Pennsylvania’s finest to eat a lot of trans fat and walk in the middle of the streets for a week. Tomorrow is the coveted ALF parade and it’s a good one. When I was in high school I was in the marching band (I’m not a geek I swear!) and was always in the parade, front and center. Now I just enjoy watching everyone else. Especially the Zem Zems. They’re a bunch of old men in tiny motor cars who do stunts and somehow avoid catastrophic collisions. It’s beautiful. After the parade it’s off to my best friend’s housewarming party for more food and a fire. What could be better?

For now, it’s time for bed. Pens won. Wooo! So I can go to sleep happy. Bon Nuit!


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Glad to keep up with the Pens status solely through this blog. 🙂
    Enjoy your festival and some more mandatory beer drinking!

  2. First of all, you ARE a geek (sorry to break it to you). Second, you really don’t drink enough beer to qualify as a sot 🙂 ALF was fun when you were in school. Now? I’m glad to have my town back. Goodbye transfat vendors! I confess, though, that I do love the ZemZems. I would have gone to the parade JUST for them, but WalMart was a better option yesterday. Next year, Claire and I are all over that parade. //word

  3. Pumpkin ice cream is truly one of the great pleasures of fall.

    And with that, off I go to raid the freezer…

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