Bill Maher, you saucy thing, you.

I logged onto facebook this afternoon and found this link on my Mom’s page. Watch the video, it’s really worth it.

So Sarah Palin (I know, I thought she went away, too) is back on the scene with a 400 page memoir. Now I know my life is worth at least 50 pages. But 400? Must be one heck of an interesting life, donchaknow. (I’m Minnesotan, I’m allowed to use that phrase.) Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t really matter. This chick is nuts.

Since the video pretty much said everything I possibly could, I’ll leave you with my FB status: Are you there Russia? It’s me, Dipshit.

In other news, this kid is my hero.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. You win the Facebook Status of the Day Award.

  2. She did NOT…and I repeat DID NOT DID NOT DID NOT…write that book. Her ghost writer did. Like one of my favorite comics, Charlie Pierce, said last week, “Sarah Palin can’t write a book, and certainly not in four months. It would take her four months to find a verb!”

  3. I bet she got stumped when Word spellcheck wouldn’t validate “ya”.

    Maher is hilarious… I saw that bit on the show Friday night. He’s worth the HBO subscription alone.

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