You can always go home

“Rupp, do something, you big fuck.”

Surprise! It’s a hockey night in our house. (By the way, that last comment was from Matt.) While it may only be game 3 of 80 something, Matt gives it his all. 110% if you will.

I admire his dedication.

The kids and I went to Clarion for the day. It’s always nice going to Mom’s house. It’s warm, cozy, everything in its place…nothing like the house we grew up in. We lived in a larger house up the street (seriously, like a half a block away) but once Carly and I graduated, the house suddenly seemed too large to keep up with, so they downgraded to a really cute Cape Cod. Personally, I find it so comfy-cozy…it’s almost like a home away from home.

But back to the old house – it’s a sad sight now. Whoever bought it … wow. That’s all I’ll say. Wow. While I’m sure the landscaping could have used some form of, well, landscaping when we lived there … what they’ve done. Well. It’s, um, interesting. And the paint choices…all wrong. I’m glad, though, that it’s so different now, because it makes it so much easier to realize that it’s NOT HOME anymore. Still, I’ll sigh as I drive past and think back to all the memories I’ve shared in that house.

It was great. Carly and I lived in the finished basement. It was basically like our own apartment. Our shower was the size of my freaking Jeep. I’m not kidding you. Plus it had a built in heater right above the toilet. Talk about spoiled! The kitchen…oh the kitchen. It was HUGE! Of course, anything compared to the kitchen I currently enjoy *coughpieceofshitcough* is a step in the right direction. All in all, I loved that house. But it’s a memory now.

Clarion is a great small town. It’s safe, everything’s within walking distance and a cut/color/highlight is under 80 bucks with tip. Seriously, where else can you get that kind of service?

Our high school is really a junior/senior high school serving grades 7-12. My graduating class had 72 people. I’m pretty sure the majority of them are my friends on Facebook.

We have a Perkins.

Our grade school was supposidly built on a swamp and I’m pretty sure it’s just urban legend, but that’s the talk around town.

Everyone knows everyone.

Furthermore, everyone is related to everyone. (except for me and my family since we’re from Minnesota. So scandalous!)

We’re pretty original with names. We live in Clarion County, in Clarion township. We swim in the Clarion River, go to Clarion Elementry, then Clarion High School, and if you want, Clarion University.


It was such a great day. Now, as it’s coming to an end, it’s quiet. Claire is staying the night with Mom and having a great time as per usual when she stays there. She gets royally spoiled and sucks up every second of it. Smart kid.

Random – It doesn’t look too good for the Twins tonight. Good thing baseball is dead to me. I can thank the Pirates for that.

Now it’s time for bed and I’m hoping I can amp myself up in the morning to drag my butt to the gym. That’s another story for another day.


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  1. Your own finished basement?! In high school, at least MY high school, that’s practically a one-way ticket to Cool!

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