Happy Birthday, Claire!

 10 12 2007 (7)

Happy Birthday my beautiful baby girl. While you may only be two, you are my everything. You make me feel forever young with your love for doggies and the Hot Dog song. Always seeing the positive sides of things and being so gosh darn cute. You love your brother more than I could have ever imagined and love to give him kisses. Despite the fact that your favorite phrase is, “No baby!” you do know how to share. I watch you every day and hope that I never take you for granted, because you, Claire Raelyn, are the most beautiful girl I have ever come to know, inside and out.

While you will have your occasional tantrums and refuse to eat this or that, your constant genuineness is never far behind.

You love me and Daddy so much and we love you for it. Seeing your smiling face in the morning, when1 9 2008 001 II (1 I) you make me laugh, when you give me kisses just because…I am the luckiest Mom in the whole world.

“Uppie pease,” is a favorite and while most of us don’t give in, there are a few who are forever melted by how adorable you are. Even now just looking at you melts my heart.

I wish for you to stay genuine and kind. To always find joy in the simple things and to always love yourself for who you are. Because who you are, my little Bubba Bean, is a creative, kind, sweet hearted girl whos imagination has no limit.

Thank you for being my daughter.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Michaela Haraldson

    Beautiful writing Cass! 🙂 That was SOOO sweet of you. I hope you let her read that soon. She’ll find herself looking back to it when she is upset or mad. I love doing that. Looking back at things I’ve written.

  2. Happy Birthday to Claire, and congrats to you, for producing such a fine lil’ baby bean.

  3. I have the drooly picture of Claire on my desktop 🙂 I can’t believe she’s already 2!!

  4. That second photo makes me melt into a big puddle of estrogen all over the floor.

    • Thanks, guys! Kel, that last photo is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE of her EVER. It sits at the top of the stairs and has been there since a week after I took it. It’ll make a stain on the wall like crosses do in old ladys’ houses. No joke.

  5. She is adorable! Happy Birthday Claire! And your post made me really miss my mom! You need to print this one out and put it in her baby book for sure!

    • Welcome to our site Carissa! I write a letter to Claire (and Luca when he hits 1) every year, as does my Mom. I plan on keeping them all in a binder and giving it to her on her 18th (or 16th I haven’t decided) birthday.

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