I love my sister

She was there when Luca was born. Pretty awesome.

She was there when Luca was born. Pretty awesome.

It’s so funny, this blogging world. Carly and I have blog friends. I have more blog friends than I do tangible friends. Funny, funny stuff.

I was reading Belle and Nel today, and they wrote about how no one really knows much about them since their about page is so brief. As I commented, “We want more!” I love hearing about other peoples’ lives because, well, it’s not mine! If it doesn’t involve the daily chaos I experience, I’m game. Or at least someone else’s chaos is fine.

So then I realized that all y’all know about Carly and I is the stuff we’ve written so far, which is basically anything from the past 3 months of our lives. I’ve been on this earth 298 months so far (my 25th birthday is in December, I accept cash, presents and all major credit cards,) and so I can imagine that only 3 months doesn’t really cut it. The basic things you guys know about me is that I’m nuts (but it’s OK because my doctor said so,) I have kids, I’m married and I’m a nurse. And in my boring every day, yup, that’s me. But oh, do I have some stories.

For example.

When we were teenagers and still in high school, Carly and Mom were having some sort of a disagreement at the dinner table. Who knows what they were mad about. Anyways, I could tell Larry (our step dad) was getting kind of uncomfortable and it was getting pretty tense. So out of no where, during a long awkward silence, I say, “Carly’s sexually active!” Of course, at the time, it wasn’t true. I swear it wasn’t! BUT, it got both Mom and Carly mad at me. Problem solved!

Another time in our awesome basement dwelling Carly got to paint her room. We had this god-awful paneling all throughout and Mom decided it was OK if she painted her room. She bought this pastel lilac color and then 3 other random pastel colors and painted three walls all the purple color, then on the fourth wall, she painted each panel a different color stripe. It was kind of weird, but I helped and I think it was my idea to do that. When I asked Mom if I could paint my room ONE color (a nice ice blue) she said no. (Don’t worry, I got to her and she let me paint it finally.)

Carly and I were great educators. No joke. We had the most adorable neighbor ever who was 3 or 4 years younger than me. When she finally entered into high school (7th grade) Carly would drive all of us into school every morning. We had this AWESOME hunter green Carivan with gold stripes and gold rims. I mean, this thing was pimp. So on our way into school, Alison, our neighbor, would want clarification from things her friends would tell her. What I learned is that her friends had no clue about anything. Thanks to Carly and I, she learned what a dirty sanchez is amongst many other things. You’re welcome.

Carly had to learn how to drive stick shift because our step dad had recently bought a VW Jetta that was standard. So she would come into my room all enthusiastic and say, “Cassie, wanna come with me while I drive the Jetta?” The first time, I was just as enthusiastic and would happily hop into the passenger side. After hitting my head off the dashboard, I wasn’t so enthusiastic anymore.

Carly was always the first person I could go to after a crappy day. She had an open door policy, unless her door was closed. Nine times out of ten, she didn’t care if I came in and flopped down on her bed and did the whole “woe is me” schtick. She’s a fine listener. I always loved how she’d have some sort of random music on (mostly Billie Holiday or the Wallflowers at the time) and would be doing something. Anything. Sometimes she’d be cleaning out her closet, sometimes she’d be looking through a photo album, sometimes it would be homework. But she’d always be doing something and I would just love to watch.

When Titanic came out on VHS we were first in line at K-Mart (yes, they still have those) to purchase it. We then proceeded to watch it in its entirety for the next week. That was around the time Fox Family (when it was Fox Family…now it’s ABC Family, I think) was showing all the old Growing Pains episodes featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. Good times, good times.

…I loved that basement and those times I had with Carly. It’s an interesting bond, the bond between sisters. Anyone who has such a bond is very lucky. I don’t know what my life would be like without Carly, but I do know that my life wouldn’t be whole or nearly the same. She is everything that I lack and she would do anything for me.

One last quick story…

When I went back to work after having Claire there were certain circumstances that I won’t get into now, but basically, I was out a babysitter. Carly sat in the guest room listening to me cry saying, “Well I could just work every weekend…I’d just never see Matt…” and she looked at me and said, “I can do it. I’ll change my schedule around for you.” And she did. Since Claire was 3 months old, that girl has faithfully watched her (and now Luca) every Friday. At that time, she worked 5 days a week, but she’d still watch Claire for 12 hours (yes, 12) on her day off. Now, she goes to Grad school, has an internship, still works one day a week and yet, finds the time to watch the kids. That’s a sister. That’s MY sister. So when I say she would do anything for me, she’s DONE everything for me. She’s proved it. No one else can compare.

I love you, Carly.


I wore her...well, everything. I graduated in '03 and that's an '01 tassel.

I wore her...well, everything. I graduated in '03 and that's an '01 tassel.

Thanksgiving '03! Good times.

Thanksgiving '03! Good times.

This was one of Carly's senior pictures. Hot mama!

This was one of Carly's senior pictures. Hot mama!

With Luca!

With Luca!

Sorry, I had to do it!

Sorry, I had to do it!


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. *sniff*



    I’m gonna go ask my mom and dad for a little sister right now!

    I’m so jealous of you and Carly and Belle and Nel!

  2. I love you both. Stop making me cry now, ok??

  3. You two are a walking, talking, blogging Hallmark Special. Or at least a “Very Special Episode” of Blossom.

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