PPD and my daily giggle

Today our blog was mentioned on this site regarding PPD. I’m so glad people are being vocal about the issue. I get confused as to why people find it such a hush hush topic. While PPD affects the Mom, yes, it also affects the husband/boyfriend/father of child, the kids, grandparents, siblings, the mailman…(OK maybe not the mailman but really – any one you spend a significant time around.) It is huge! And it needs a HUGE support system! While I thanked God for Celexa and I love my therapist…there’s so much more needed. Being able to talk to my husband openly is a big step. He knows the right questions to ask and knows when I need my space. He takes this fathering thing pretty darn seriously. But moreover, he takes being a husband even more seriously.

When I made a mention to one of my coworkers that I was having an issue, she told me her own personal story and battle with PPD. So I’m not a freak of nature! Yay!

In other news, I watched this clip and got my daily giggle. I loved it so much my FB status is: You’re sitting in a chair … in the SKY!

Ni Hao Kai-Lan is on, Claire is sticking Daisy Duck stickers on me, and both kids are playing with the walkaround. (The walkaround is the greatest invention ever. EVER.) It’s the fanciest thing, I tell ya. Luca can stand and wiggle and my wrists get a break. He also gets entertained because Claire will say, “Mine!!! No baby, no!!!” Yay for terrible twos!

(…holy crap there are a lot of links in the blog.)

Now I’m just waiting for the Nanny to get here (AKA Carly) to begin cooking a delicious dinner of Italian chicken and augratain potatoes. Yum yum yum! Delicioso!

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Thanks for the Louis CK clip – he is still hilarious.

    When I had my miscarriage, I felt so alone. It wasn’t until people at work found out what happened that I started hearing others’ stories and realized how many women went through this. Just nobody talks about it.

    Lastly, Laynie still calls Louie “baby” and steals his toys. And she’s 5 1/2. I hear “no baby no! that’s mine” quite often. Isn’t it great to hear your kids getting along? :o)

  2. LOL! You guys seriously watch WAY too much Nickelodeon in your house: yum yum yum delicioso?! Ha!

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