Heartwalk ’09 and falling down the stairs.

004002I’ll start this out by saying I’m OK. My basement stairs are already a death trap, however, the randomly placed baseball on the 5th stair didn’t help any. Carrying a load of laundry is difficult enough without worrying about what the hell you’re going to step on. I cured my pain with some Tylenol and ice cream.

For the past few years Matt and I have done the heartwalk. We missed it when Claire was being born, but we’ve made it the past two years. We may have done it four years ago…I don’t really know. My brain is kind of fuzzy.

Anyways, it’s great to get out, and it’s a beautiful walk. For those that are familiar with Pittsburgh, it starts at Heinz Field, goes past the Heinz lofts, then loops back up the river walk to Heinz Field. For those who have no idea what I just wrote, it’s pretty. Last year, it was surprisingly warm. I remember Carly was pretty sick, but suffered through. This year…not so much.

It’s one thing to walk the 5K, get in your car and drive home. But we’re not so simple. Matt has leased parking at PPG through his work. So we figure, why not just park there, walk to Heinz Field, do the walk, then walk back to PPG place.

Let me illustrate:


This year, I think the temperature maxed out at 39 degrees. It was f’ing cold. And near the river, it’s windy. Cold + River Wind = Me not so happy.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. Plus we went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants in Market Square and since it wasn’t busy at all, they changed the one TV to Sponge Bob to keep Claire entertained. Always a good time. It was just nice to get out, eat a free banana and help a good cause. We raised 800 some dollars and got to be around good company and family.

Carly couldn’t make it this year, because she’s lame and had to work. I tried telling her work is for jerks, but she wouldn’t listen. I think she won, though, because inside Staples they have this wonderful thing called HEAT. It’s October. And it’s freezing. No fair.

Now I’m laying here on the couch, watching the Pens and wondering how painful 12 hours of work is going to be tomorrow. Damn Jack Wilson home run baseball. You don’t even play for the Pirates anymore. I understand that the Pirates are terrible, but why take that out on me? Just sayin’.


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  1. Werk is for jerks! I wish I could’ve been there but you’re right, Staples does have heat and it was fabulous 🙂 Next year, I’ll walk circles around you, woman! Oh, and P.S. glad you’re ok after falling down the stairs. Don’t do that again, ok? Thanks!

  2. Good for you for doing the Heart Walk! I love doing things like that. It makes me feel all empowered, like I’m some kind of badass.

    (Which…you know. Clearly, I’m not, but still.)

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