What annoys me

I was at the gym this morning with plenty of time to think. Here’s a recent list of things that annoy me:

*Personal Trainers with a beer gut. I honestly thought that you were supposed to be a role model for your clients. He looked like he should be taking tips from the chick he was training!

*Speaking of role models, any one heard what Jeff Reed did? It’s all over the local news. For those that haven’t, he was caught, yet again, being drunk in public trying to fight something. At least this time it wasn’t inanimate. Anyways, they were interviewing locals about how they felt and the silliest responses were: “He’s supposed to be a role model for my child!” Now seriously? Seriously? This guy is known for his partying ways. For those people thinking that he’s an acceptable role model probably shouldn’t have kids in the first place. 

*Comcast. We all know I’m a huge Pens fan. Now Versus and DirecTV are having some sort of a pissing match because Comcast owns Versus and is charging them outrageous fees to run the channel. So guess what that means to me, who is a DirecTV customer? Yah, no Versus. They’re protesting by screwing us. So irritating.

*Comcast again. I just remembered why I truly hate them. They called me stupid when I wanted to change internet providers. Great customer service, Comcast. Bravo.

*People who go to the gym, pay a lot of money every month, and their work out consists of going at a snail’s pace on a machine. There’s no cardio benefit. None at all. Sure you’re reading a lovely article or talking to a friend, but really. No benefit. Not to mention you are holding up a machine I could be using.

*The Johnson & Johnson commercials about nurses. I understand the sentiment and it’s sweet. But the song…oh, the song. Terrible! “You’re a nurse! You make a diiiiiiference!”


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  1. You know, if it wasn’t for the hockey games, Direct TV keeping Versus off the air would be considered a public service.

    I have Comcast at home here in Baltimore I and subscribe to the Center Ice package. On one hand, I’m happy when Vs. has a game because they have an HD channel. I haven’t seen a Pens game on HD yet this season, via Center Ice. For all they’re squeezing me for to get the Hi Def, I need to utilize it as often as possible.

    On the other hand, on Vs. I usually have to listen to the idiot Joe Beninati do the play by play. He’s the local Capitals announcer, so I know he’s against the Pens. He also has the tonal qualities of a dentist’s drill. I want to jam pencils in my ears by the 2nd period.

    I’ve been meaning to find the Mike Lange radio call over the internet and using the DVR, sync it up to the TV broadcast.

    • We’re watching it on JustinTV so at least there’s something. You can stream Mike Lange in on the WXDX website.

      Scratch my back with a hacksaw!

  2. Ok have to say that the slow walkers at the gym kind of bother me too. And I feel kind of bad about being so bothered. Its not like they are a car in front of me when I’m driving, but if I had a horn on my treadmill I would certainly honk at them. I think it mostly just annoys me that I’m working so much harder than them.

    And to further my annoyance, I saw one of these “hardly working outers” at the gym the other day wearing a SKIRT ON A TREADMILL!!

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