Did I see a ghost?

I just got back from a quick overnight trip to Gettysburg, PA where I was supposed to take some battlefield photos for an exhibit I’m working on. Taking those photos took all of about 10 minutes, which left me with plenty of time to do a little off-the-clock exploring. My best friend and co-intern, Ben came too. I might be a history major, but Ben is a history expert. That boy knows everything about Gettysburg. He really puts me to shame leaving me to question, what the hell did I learn from six years of college?
Anyway…everyone knows that Gettysburg is supposedly haunted. I mean, tens of thousands of people died within days in a very small area. And although the last 146 years have changed the landscape a bit, and the town has expanded (and totally commercialized), the spirits are still there, unchanged. The hotel we stayed at was right next to the battlefield and I’m sure it was built on land that saw its fair share of death. So, we checked in around 3pm, but didn’t stay long because there was exploring to do. We started out around where the first day of battle took place near the Lutheran Seminary. We walked around until after dark and then got in the car to find some dinner. Well, just outside the Seminary, I was stopped at a red light. There were absolutely no cars around me and I had my window rolled down because it was such a mild night. I then heard the shuffling of footsteps outside my car window, coming towards me. But, when I turned around, no one was there. Not that it was likely that anyone would be walking in the middle of the road at night, but something certainly had. Ghost? I’m not sure.

Next we had a nice dinner and a few drinks and then walked back to the hotel for the night. We may or may not have had more drinks at the hotel, but that’s neither here nor there…my slight drunkenness in no way impacts this story. I swear. Around 3:30am, long after we had passed out went to bed, I got up to pee. I closed the bathroom door, but didn’t want to put the light on because the shock would probably have burned my eyes. Besides, I pee in the dark all the time. It’s my curse for always drinking too much wine water before bed. So, there I was, sitting in the dark, half drunk and peeing, when in front of me a white light flashed, almost like some one was taking a picture. I froze. I stopped peeing. What the hell was that? Then a few seconds later, it happened again, only this time twice in a row. FLASH FLASH. That was enough for me. I pulled up my pants and ran out of the bathroom and woke up Ben. He said the flash was just the light from the hotel’s hairdryer that was plugged into the wall. Unconvinced, but tired as hell, I went back to sleep.

The next morning, Ben told me he had hardly slept at all because he felt like someone was watching him all night. Well, that’s a bit creepy, I thought. That’s when I remembered the flashes of white light in the bathroom. I went in, this time with the lights on, to investigate. There is NO WAY the light from the hairdryer was the light that I saw. First of all, the hairdryer was behind the toilet, and the flash I saw was right in front of me, facing the opposite direction. And secondly, the light on the hairdryer was orange, not white. That did it for me. I was, at that point, thoroughly creeped out to the max and soooo happy we weren’t staying another night. I still don’t know if anything supernatural really occurred, but I’m going to tell myself that it did. You be the judge.


Me and BenView of Devil's Den from Little Round Top


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  1. Oh, man. I want to see a ghost SO BAD. But probably not when I’m peeing.

    Also: That picture of you guys? MADE of 100%, uncut, Colombian-grade CUTE.

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