The Case of the Missing Remote

If you can remember a few months back, I had written about the Case of the Missing Decal. Alas, we have a new case on our hands.

Our TV remote has been missing for … oh, I’ll take an educated guess of 6 months or so. Now our surround sound remote is missing.

It all started last week when I went up to Slippery Rock to visit Carly and go shopping at the outlet mall. I had it in the morning before we left and when we got home, it was gone. Of course, we looked in all the usual places: the couch, under the couch, Claire’s toy box… nothing.

Then we looked in all of Claire’s secret hiding places: The bottom drawer in the kitchen, her pretend fridge in her kitchen, her toy box in her bedroom… again, nothing.

Seriously, what gives? Frustrated, Matt spent a good half hour searching the house top to bottom one evening in a sad attempt at trying to find it. My only guess is the dog ate it. She’s not the brightest breed in the kennel, to say the least. Not to mention I haven’t witnessed a poop from her in a while. She’s staring at me now…knowing. Perhaps she is smarter than I give her credit for.

So this afternoon I went and purchased a universal remote to replace what would be three remotes if two of them weren’t missing. The only one we have left is our DirecTV one that has been successfully chewed by Claire. (No, not Luca. The two year old. Sigh.) And now I’m going to, what will most likely be hilarious to all but me, attempt to program it. The box says, “Quick and Easy programming!” To which I say, bullshit. But we’ll see.


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Posted on November 11, 2009, in Bright Ideas, Cassie. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Pretty soon we’re going to have to tie the remotes down with those springy cords that banks us to secure their pens.

  2. That’s a GREAT idea!!!

  3. Did you get it programmed?

  4. Louie has taken to hiding remotes, binkies, socks, anything he can get his hands on, in his toys. I mean it, IN his toys. Anything that fits a ball or has a pocket, or a container – when searching wildly for a binkie because he’s screaming his ever loving head off, I have learned to actually look in his toys.

    Otherwise, I would blame the dog too. :o)

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