I blame high school

Last night, as I was laying in bed, I started thinking about high school. I made a list in my head of all the things I should have learned. Here’s what I came up with:

*The books they made us read were actually pretty interesting. Because I was told I had to read them, I did what any normal teenager full of angst would do: boycott. However, later in life, when people make references to or it’s an answer in a crossword puzzle do I get really peeved at myself.

*The rec center. We had a pretty decent one. I went after school a few times, then sort of petered out. Not to mention I  always got those Presidential Fitness Awards. (I know it’s lame to try, but dammit, it was fun to get a patch and called up on stage at the end of the year.)  However, looking back, I used to think to myself, “You’re already skinny, why do the work?”  Because now I have to work my ass off, stupid! …sigh.

*I was really good at drawing. While I don’t regret choosing the Army over going to Governor’s School for the Arts, in hindsight, I would have been able to make a career out of art far before the Army. Then I just sort of stopped caring about it and totally shut out the idea of going to art school. For that, I’m pretty sure I sold myself short, thinking I could never do well in college.

*Senior year. I so did NOT live it up. Shit, I spent half of it in Pittsburgh, ditching school. I blame this on my best friend Ian who told me that life begins after high school in Oakland. And he was so right. …OK, so I lived up my senior year as a fake freshman in college.

*I worked at Arbys. Sure, they paid 50 cents over the minimum wage, but really? Is it a rule that everyone has to work fast food once in their life? I had to close all the time, so I wouldn’t get home until midnight. Then get up at 7 for school? Whatever. Damn you for teaching me responsibility and ethics of hard work.

*Boyfriends. I dated the same guy for close to 2 years…or more. I really can’t remember. I do know he’s getting married soon, to which I wish him the best of luck. He was a really awesome guy. However, there’s a guy that I always wished I had dated just once while in high school. Even though facebook keeps us all in contact and I can see what he’s like now…gag…still. (However, I did marry the guy I would have NEVER dated in high school. That always makes me giggle.)  Also, my first boyfriend from 8th grade is still my good friend today. He was also my favorite guy to make out with on New Years senior year. He’s also GORGEOUS. Good memories.

Oh high school. I’d never want to go back to you, ever. But still, it’s an experience we all have to live through. I’m just glad I survived.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. What I want to know is, where’s the other sister? Seems like you’re the one towing this boat, Cass!

  2. Hey, you don’t have to stop learning just because you’re out of school. Pick up some books that sound interesting to you and read them! And they don’t have to be textbooks 🙂 I wasted a lot of time my senior year, too, but I was “in college” (read: spending time with Steve), but, hey, it’s all a learning experience, right? We wouldn’t be the people we are today without being the people we were yesterday, for better or worse.

  3. It wasn’t until late in high school that I learned not to care so much about what other people thought. I spent entirely too much time trying to please everyone which in reality pleased no one, especially myself.

    Life at school got so much easier once I stopped giving a crap what people thought, and just had fun.

  4. One of my high-school nemeses sent me a Facebook friend request the other day, and YOU BEST BELIEVE I declined that bitch.

    I’d like to think I’m past caring about such petty matters from so long ago, but the truth of the matter is, High School Hangover lasts a long, long time.

  5. I worked in the kitchen of a pizza parlor. Suffice to say I smelled like sauce all the time. That’s hot! I know!

    I somehow was placed in honors English… don’t ask me how… and now I find there there are books that most people read in basic English class that I never did: Romeo & Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Christmas Carol, The Old Man and the Sea.

    I lived in LA for a year. You could move there and it would be like high school all the time!

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