done, done, and done.

I recently updated my “About Cassie” page because since Luca is growing so quickly, the photos seemed outdated. Funny, since he’s only 6 months old.

Anywho, yesterday Matt took off another extra day from his holiday vacation and his goal was to decorate for Christmas. Now me, being … well, me, decided that while that was an excellent idea, we should also paint Luca’s room since Matt casually mentioned once a few weeks back that his room wasn’t ‘manly’ enough. Read: I hate to decorate for the holidays. Why? I don’t know, I just never have. Matt loves it and wants so desperately to fit in with the rest of the neighbors despite my bah humbug approach. So after a few spats and a debate on net lighting for bushes (which I think are tacky), we purchased a prelit garland for the front door and a wreath and called it a day.

While Matt was decorating the tree, I was painting Luca’s room a lovely cobalt-ish blue, to match his eyes, of course. And wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t get an ounce of sleep last night because I feared the paint fumes would kill Luca. *sigh*

While we were at Lowes picking out the perfect color for Luca’s room, Matt also mentioned he would love to paint our bedroom, too. I find this comment hilarious. Why you ask? Because our room is a deep, dark shade of blue with cathedral ceilings. This is the room that we painted on two coats the day before we moved in, left, and arrived in the morning with a truck full of furniture and bedroom walls that needed ANOTHER COAT OF PAINT. So not only will these walls have to be primed, but it is most likely that they will also need another 5 GALLONS OF PAINT.

I’m instilling a painting party for that. My plan of action is, “Hey Carly, wanna come over for some spiffy dinner while you’re on winter break from grad school? Oh and invite everyone you know, too? Why? Oh no reason special, just make sure to wear crappy clothing, OK?” Then lock all the doors after they step foot in the house. I’m so smart.

Next thing to figure out…what the hell do we paint the walls? See, these are trying times here at my house. Such life changing decisions. I’m so stressed out.

Lastly, I hate hunting season. Because I live on a back road surrounded by woods, what do you think I have jumping out in front of my Jeep? DEER. Lots and lots of DEER. Not to mention, while I was writing this very blog, I counted not one, not two, but three gun shots. WTF? I do not approve. So how bad do I feel when Claire asks me if we can play outside, and I say no because I’m petrified that she will get shot? Super bad. But not bad enough to cave. I just remember the story of my Mom driving on I-80 and a bullet hit her windshield. Thank God it didn’t go through otherwise I’d be a damn orphan. And Carly would be in charge. *shiver*

About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I always get stuck painting the ceiling, because I’m the tallest in the family. (not that it makes a difference when you’re painting a cathedral ceiling!) Last time I painted a ceiling, I got a paint spot on my contact lens.

    I think that rather than painting ceilings, you should just agree not to look up.

  2. Hey now, me being in charge wouldn’t have been so bad. I would’ve let you stay out past your curfew…

    And you can’t trick me. I’m not falling for your “painting party” plan!!!

  3. Paint fumes! Feh. When I was a kid, I ate the paint off the walls. And I’m fine. I’m… wait, what was I saying? Christmas? Pretty lights. Shiny things….

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