my birthWEEK

I started off my birthday week (because my friend Nicole said I have to have one, and who am I to deny my friend?!?) with a dinner at Eat ‘n Park. (It’s the place for smiles, you know.) Well, really, here’s how it started:

Matt was going to be late from work again for the second night in a row. I was going stir crazy. So I packed the kids in the car at 4 and decided we should go drive aimlessly and look at Christmas lights. Too bad it wasn’t dark yet and most people don’t get home until well after 5 and then turn on their lights. After making my fifteenth trip past the local nursery and greenhouse, I decided we should do something. So we went to Eat ‘n Park. Of course, by the time I made this decision, Claire was already starting to realize that I had no real plan and she became antsy. Which in turn lead me to be nervous. I mean, 2 year old and 6 month old vs 24 year old. Never a good combo…especially when entering a place that has other humans in it. Not to mention we were hungry.

But I was so super surprised. Claire was perfect, Luca was perfect…it was, well, perfect! So I decided to crown that my birthday week beginning.

Today my Mommy traveled down  to take me out to lunch and bring me my birthday gift, a papesan chair, something I’ve wanted for YEARS. (It’s from Pier 1 and if you don’t own one, your life is truly lacking.) Lunch was perfect. I mean, hell, I was able to talk to Mom about more things than just “blah blah blah, Claire stop that…blah blah blah, really Claire? Are you serious? Blah blah blah…” Luca was showboating to the people in the next booth over and Claire was eating her grilled cheese like it was the last one on the planet. Then desert came out. I don’t really need to say much more except I really miss the gym.

Tomorrow my first step-dad* is going to be coming down with his lovely wife for dinner. I hope they like Mexican…ole!

Friday I get to work 12 hours. (And who wouldn’t consider that a part of the celebration?)

Saturday is the BIG DAY! I work 8 hours and then off to do questionable things with husband. (When I say questionable, I don’t mean that…get your heads out of the gutter. I mean, he has no flipping clue yet as to what we’re doing and I’m only impressed he lined up a babysitter…his parents.)

Sunday is lunch with the family (the whole local shabang: Carly, Matt, the kids, Mom and second step-dad Larry) at a restaurant that has yet to be decided. I’m thinking Houlihan’s…

Monday night is dinner with first step-dad* at Las Velas. Super looking forward to that!


As my friend Nicole would say, “Why have a birthDAY when you can have a birthWEEK? And to Nicole, I say, bravo.

*I have two step dads. I’m cool like that.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Well now! Please accept my best wishes for a Happy Birth WEEK! So do the odds change when it’s a 2-yr old and 6-month old vs a 25-year old?

    • I’m afraid it’ll get worse. The 6 month old will get older and then get in cahoots with the 2 year old. I’m screwed.

  2. I always thought it should be a month-long celebration. But then my birthday is in February… the suckiest month of the year.

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