*head desk*

Matt calls me up Monday afternoon and says, “I have a chance to get some great seats to tomorrow night’s game.”

Me: “Seriously?”

Matt: “I know, I’m awesome, right?”

Me: “So the kids, they’re just going to watch themselves, I assume.”

Matt: *sigh*

Tuesday afternoon:

Matt: “So what are the odds that your Mom will keep Claire over night and we bring Luca to the game?”

Me: “Um, pretty unlikely since I didn’t bring anything for her and it’s TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Not to mention, what will Luca do when it comes time for him to sleep?”

Matt: “I’ll take that as a no?”

Me: “That’s a hell no.”

The tickets then ended up going to someone else in the office. *HUGE SIGH*

7:15 p.m. last evening:

(phone rings) Me: “Hello?”

Matt: “There have been 3 fights all in under 10 seconds!”

Me: “Matt?”

Matt: “Do you understand this? And we’re already up 1-0!”

Me: “Do me a favor and turn off the radio…”

This morning, 1:45 a.m.

Matt: “Two short handed goals…”

This morning, 6:45 a.m.

Matt: “Two short handed goals and three fights in ten seconds….”


Matt: “Promise me we’ll have tickets to the next Pens/Flyers game. PROMISE ME.”

Me: “I promise, I promise!!!”

Matt: “Three fights in 10 seconds……”


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Woman. You need to find babysitters, like yesterday! Start asking around for reliable CPR-certified high schoolers. They’re out there just waiting to take your money!

  2. Forget the sitters. No time like the present for the kiddies to learn how mature, Canadien adults from Pittsburgh settle disputes with immature, lowlife Canadiens from Philadelphia: drop your gloves, pull the other guy’s sweater over his head, and then beat him silly until he starts to bleed profusely from the nose and mouth. If he doesn’t learn, repeat. Then, repeat again. Really, you’re never too young to start learning these things.

    • So true, so true. It can be a real life lesson on why we don’t hit others. If you hit others, you will be topless and bloody. (almost reminds me of a stripper…)

  3. Topless and bloody? Wow. Remind me to stay away from the Pittsburgh nudie bars.

    Not to rattle any cages, but why couldn’t he go with someone from work? No sense in both of you having to suffer… Wait… put down that wooden spoon… I take it back! I take it back!

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