Rich Hill: 3 Cassie: 1

Let’s start at the beginning. Apparently it’s hell frozen over outside, because when I woke up this morning, the weather had deceived me.

I got into Matt’s VW Jetta GLI sport turbo…(I’m not bragging, there’s a point)…and this thing SUCKS in the winter. No, I take that back. It’s a DEATH TRAP in the winter. Or at least on days like today when the sky opened up and dumped snow on us and PennDOT sat on their butts and forgot about Rich Hill Road. Which is a common occurrence. It was not appreciated, PennDOT. Neither was when you passed me TWICE and A.) didn’t stop to ask if I was OK and B.) didn’t plow the snow or lay salt.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

At the end of the road on the Indiana twp line there’s a very windy, steep hill that I knew if I could just get down it without dying, I’d be OK enough to get to the main road.  Well, I got to the top of the hill, said a silent prayer and then began my decent.

I think I invented about 20 new swear words that weren’t even thought of yet. Then I stuck with the usual S*** F*** H*** D*** in one breath. Here’s what happened:

I started going down the hill and instantly lost all grip. I then started hearing Mrs. Farley (my gym teacher and driver’s ed instructor) in my head saying, “Pump the breaks! Don’t slam on them, pump them.” Which back then I thought was both dirty and silly, but now I know it’s true. The road quickly turned to the left, and as I eased the wheel in that direction, the back end then then started to catch up to me. This in turn made me turn the wheel the other direction where I met a snow embankment, smacked my head off the steering wheel, bounced backwards towards the other side of the road, and began to go straight down the hill. Then, fearing someone would be coming up the hill, instead of hitting them head on, I figured I’d rather have them slam into my passenger side, so I pulled the e brake and skid down sideways about 500 feet. Then I released the e brake and made it the rest of the way without peeing my pants. All this in about 30 seconds.

And I’m not even close to being done yet. Rich Hill: 1 Cassie: 0

I was shaking and scared to near tears, but I thought, the worst is over… ha! I continued to drive and got to the hill that would take me up and out to the main road. I got about half way up and then couldn’t get the gripping I needed to make it up, so I pulled to the side behind another guy who was stranded. He was very nice and guided me backwards down the hill so I could at least attempt to get to a parking lot or something to wait for it to clear or AAA. Whichever came first.

But I’m stubborn. I tried the other road. Rich Hill: 2 Cassie: 0

I started to drive up Jackoby road and made it to about 5 feet from the top of the hill and then, again, just couldn’t quite do it. At this point I’m pissed beyond belief. I called work in a panic saying, “Lisa! I’m so sorry, I-was-in-a-wreck-hit-my-head-can’t-get-off-of-my-back-road-stuck-on-a-hill-side-near-death-mess!!! I’m going to be late.” She didn’t even recognize it was me I was in such a panic. She told me to be careful and no die trying to get in. Rich Hill:3 Cassie: 0

Finally after another plow passed me without actually PLOWING THE SNOW I made it down the hill, back to the base of my previous death hill and sat there near tears, again. I waited about 10 minutes then attempted the slow ascent up the hill and slowly, slowly made it up and got home in one piece. Or a puddle. I can’t remember.

I swapped cars and got behind the wheel of my ever faithful Jeep and safely (but slowly) got to work.

Rich Hill: 3 Cassie: 1

It’s not over, Rich Hill. The season is young.

*Oh, and my head is OK. Thanks for wondering!


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. This is one of the rare times I’m glad not to live in Pittsburgh. Those hills + snow = disaster.
    People may panic in the snow around here, but at least the terrain is flat.

    I’m glad you’re OK. Being seriously dead would be a bad way to spend Christmas.

  2. Oh, girl…my little Louisiana ass would DIE trying to drive in snow. I’m not entirely sure I could WALK in snow.

    On the other hand, I’m pretty skilled at driving in hurricanes, so I guess there’s that.

    Thank goodness you weren’t seriously injured!

  3. Listen, if there is ONE FLAKE of snow in Atlanta, they city is seized by paralysis. I cant imagine being required to actually drive in it. I grew up in Seattle so people drive in the snow…here, we have “snow days”.

    Popping over from BluzDude’s blog…so glad I did.

    • Welcome on over! People in Pittsburgh don’t know how to drive here, either. It’s sad, really. It snows every damn year here, but people just act like the flipping sky is falling.

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