it’s a facebook thing

Facebook is good for many things. You can keep in touch with friends and family all over the world, keep up your competitive skills with a friendly game of WordTwist and annoy the ever-living-piss out of people with random quiz questions.

Let me break it down for you:

1. Facebook conversations:

Sometimes within a few minutes of posting something new, I’ll get a response. This usually results in a Facebook conversation. For example:

Sure it took 11 minutes to have a normal conversation, but we still had one. Facebook, bringing family closer together one post at a time…

The hazards of having a Facebook conversation is that when you make one lousy comment in a thread of 20+, you get 20+ notifications on crap you just don’t care about. To avoid such an issue, start a new thread by posting a comment on someone’s wall. It took me about 3 months and much swearing to finally realize that if I didn’t give a crap what Suzie from New Mexico has to say about a botched manicure that happened to a person I graduated from high school with…well, it can all be avoided now. Especially when all I wanted to say was “Wow, that sucks you paid for that,” and then Suzie goes ON AND ON AND ON about how she HAS to get her nails done every other week and she never understands what those damn “Orientals” are saying, but who cares because they do a good, cheap job. (Stupid, stupid people and their racist comments.)

2. Posting on people’s walls:

I love doing this when I know the person really well. Especially when you can be sarcastic and mean. In the real world I’m nothing of the sort. Well, perhaps a touch sarcastic, but not mean. In Facebook world, I can be all of those things. For example:

Then there are people like Kristin that do it for me (Which I totally appreciate and giggle at):

If it weren’t for that 😉 face then I would have been like, “Awww, snap!”

3. Facebook games:

I play WordTwist, Mafia Wars and have recently rekindled my love for Scrabble. I believe I titled the game, “‘Bout damn time.”

Mafia Wars is a sad, sick addiction. To the point where I log into Carly’s account to play on hers, too.

I think I need rehab.

4. Photo addiction.

I have 47 photo albums. Yes. 47. I have so many simply because of my family that’s out of town, and it’s so much more fun to post photos and let people comment on them than to upload it to snapfish.

For example:

Those are the finer points of how I love Facebook.

Oh Facebook. How you bring such joy to my life.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I wish they had a Temporary Friending setting so that you could catch up with some person you went to school with and then let them fade back into the oblivion from which they came. Yes, I know I can unfriend, but that seems so cold.

    • What I do is just make it so that they have limited privileges. It may seem cold, but at least it’s not defriending. But then again, I haven’t even began on the facebook decorum…

  2. Spent part of Christmas helping my 70-something-year-old father set up his Facebook. He insisted. It’s kind of adorable, but then he asked me what you do with it. “Well,” I said, “you tell people what you are thinking or what you are doing or what you want to do… and you can see what they are doing… or thinking…”

    Hmmm. When you try to explain it to someone from the WWII generation, it just sounds like so much navel contemplation.

  3. You win Facebook.

    The whole thing.

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