He fell down the stairs.

I have to write this out otherwise I’m going to start to bawl again.

Sadie-dog has some GI issues going on. Nasty diarrhea and the whole bit. She likes to pick the rug, not the wood floor or linoleum to do her business. She never poops in the house, either. So I knew she was pretty sick.

Anywho, we had her living in the unfinished basement since yesterday, but being as skiddish as she is, she would bolt for the upstairs as soon as an opportunity presented itself.

I got home from the gym with the kids, set Luca down on the kitchen floor so he could roam about and proceeded to try to coax Sadie back to the basement. I got her cornered in the front hall and then I heard the most horrible, gut wrenching sound…every parent’s worst nightmare…THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD.

He fell down the stairs.

Not carpeted stairs with a nice soft landing base…no. The basement stairs with the wood exposed and concrete floor landing.

I flew down the stairs and got to him as he started to scream. His mouth was bloodied from his little teeth going through his lip and his head had bumps all over it.

I called Matt and told him he needed to come home right away and then I proceeded to call my Mom and screamed in the phone, “Luca fell down the stairs, what should I do?!?” (And yes, I’m a nurse, but there’s a time and place where Moms trump nursing.)

She said I should go to the hospital to check him out and to call her when I got there. Problem is, my cell phone was dying and I couldn’t find my charger. I called work and asked Lisa to try to call Matt since I couldn’t get through to him and let him know I was going to the hospital (my job) and he should meet us there, not at home.

Luca screamed bloody murder, but thank God he was fine. The doctor looked him over and said to keep an eye on him for an hour or so in the ER and then we could go home. I fed him and he didn’t vomit, so we knew it wasn’t a bad head injury.

We got home and Luca was back at it, crawling all over the place and enjoying his yogurt for dinner. He’s going to be just fine, I know, but it is still so scary.

I just now stopped shaking. That was the worst experience of my life up until now. I never want to feel this way ever again.


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  1. It’s a good thing that kids are so resilliant! I bet he gives that stairway some room for a while. Glad it worked out and he wasn’t seriously hurt. Now let’s hope Mom is as resilliant as the boy.

    Did you take him to “your” hospital?

  2. Oh, thank goodness he’s OK! Children are hearty little creatures, aren’t they?

  3. I was thinking that taking him to your hospital would be a good thing, not only getting instant service (becasue I’m sure everyone there loves you) but you know what the first thing people think is when a mom brings in a bumped, bruised or bleeding kid… Next thing you know, you’re talking to Five-Oh.

    Just so glad everything ended up OK, and judging from the next post, you have a lot of support. Everyone is right… don’t beat yourself up. Stuff happens. Perfection is an awfully high standard for any mother to meet.

    (I tried to make this a “reply” but the {Submit} button disappeared.) (Probably fell down the stairs too…)

    • Cassie or Carly

      Unfortunately the ER is a different breed from the people I work with in the regular part of the hospital. But they were quick, nevertheless. People kept saying it happens all the time and babies are resilliant. Let’s hope so!

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