Ped Eggs and Toenails…oh my!

As a gag gift for Christmas last year, I bought Cassie’s husband, Matt, a Ped Egg. The look of complete disgust on his face when he opened it was priceless and totally worth the money. Matt hates dead foot skin, claiming it resembles parmesan cheese. The Ped Egg is still in it’s packaging buried somewhere deep in their basement, waiting to be re-discovered and loathed all over again.

Flash-forward to about a week ago. My boyfriend and I were sitting on my bed. I was filing and polishing my nails, while he was cutting his toenails, allowing them to collect in a neat little pile. At some point, I looked over and saw the pile of clippings and was slightly reminded of the Ped Egg debacle of Christmas ’08. Then I remembered that Cassie once mentioned to me how much she hated finger and toenail clippings. Cassie, Miss I’m-a-nurse-and-blood-and-bodily-fluids-don’t-scare-me, is thoroughly and utterly disgusted by nails. So I thought I’d have a little fun and I took a picture of the pile with my cell phone and sent it to her. She got the message the next morning and I succeeded in totally grossing her out. I think her exact words to me were, “EW!!! ICK, GROSS, YUCK, UGH!!!!” This made me smile. Here is the photo: (it’s a little dark)

I have since made it my mission this week to gross her out with anything finger or toenail related. I posted this infomercial on her face book page,which she has flat-out refused to watch, and I’ve brought it up in nearly every conversation we’ve had. I’m still thinking of various ways to freak her out and suggestions are welcomed. Can’t you just feel the sisterly love?


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. HAHA!! Ah, siblings. What won’t we do to trigger each other’s gag reflex?

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