I hate him.

Hate is such a strong word. I was always told never to say you hate someone because it’s not nice. But screw it. As a good friend of mine said, “I want to stab him, I want to stab him in the face.” Personally, I just want him to burn in hell. But that’s just me.

Pat Robertson. You son of a bitch. You’ve gone too far this time.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Pat Robertson is a Biblical literalist, a concept that has a strong following in this country among evangelical Christians and many political conservatives. George W. was/is one, too. He truly believes that God is an authoritarian dictator in the sky. What Robertson said about Haiti and Hurricane Katrina is really what he believes, and to me that is a sad, cynical view of God. After my initial anger toward Robertson, I’ve decided it’s best for me to pity him rather than hate him.

    • But he’s not a literalist. He emphasizes parts of the Bible he likes and ignores the rest. For instance, in John 9, Jesus is brought a blind man and asked why he was blind, was it his sin or the sin of his parents? Jesus said, of course, neither, and healed the man. That’s the literal word. Robertson ain’t preachin’ that! Robertson feels better if Haiti is being punished for their sin.

  2. I was considering blogging about that myself but decided to get into it because it will just upset me. But since you brought it up…

    Obviously, Pat is beyond the realm of either common sense or human compassion.

    Yeah, this is what your God does, rains down destruction on the poorest people on the planet, just because some tight-assed, well-fed, well-moneyed putz has grossly misread (or just plain re-wrote) history.

    This guy makes a mockery of those that take their religion (any religion) seriously. He is to Christians what the Taliban is to Muslims and should be stamped out, post-haste.

    Unfortunately there are morons across the country that can only feel better when they’re shitting on someone else and these dolts encourage his behavior by sending him money.

    If he had any decency, well… never mind. I know that’s blind alley. He doesn’t, and neither do any of his sheep. If only he’d just flock off…

  3. Here’s what bothers me most about him. It’s that he is a public figure and because he says he preaches only good things, people believe him. He’s like Rush Limbaugh with a cause. And it scares me that people trust him. What scares me more is that he believes what he says. There’s politicians who will say anything for a vote, and then there’s those religious guys who truly believe every word they say. Then they preach hate. They preach anger. I often wonder what the fine line is between Pat Robertson and Hitler. All for a good cause, right?

  4. People are much easier to manipulate when they’re scared and angry.

    • Cassie or Carly

      And desperate. That’s what scares me the most. People will fall prey to anything if they believe it will be for the greater good for themselves.

  5. I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time.

    I hate you, Pat Robertson. You just don’t know when to keep your fucking mouth shut, and it makes me want to rip it off your face. You and half the Christians in the country are so fucking inept and ignorant that it makes me sick, and it’s a wonder nobody’s revoked your right to freedom of expression after the abuse you’ve inflicted upon it. Your racism, homophobia, and general bigotry have no place anymore anywhere, certainly not in a developed nation, and least of all in the “last superpower”. I feel nauseous anytime Christians denounce a movie or book because it doesn’t follow strict Christian morals – if you haven’t figured it out, you’re not the center of the fucking universe. And I seriously considered curb stomping the pope when he said that condoms spread HIV/AIDS rather than prevent it – how fucking stupid can one get? Do people seriously believe in this kind of shit?

    I’m an atheist, have been for some time now, and I have no problems with Christians, Jews, Muslims, Scientologists, or any other religious folks, but I will tolerate them on one condition: keep your religion to yourself. Never tell me or anyone else that they are wrong, that they are going to burn in hell, that they need to change their ways, or that they need to convert to your religion. If you didn’t know, you can actually live 99% of your life without ever having to talk about religion, and I feel that’s the way it should be. No matter what deities we believe in (or don’t), we can all be friends if we don’t bring up our personal beliefs. Think of your religion as your genitalia: try not to bring it up in polite company.

    Back to Robertson: it’s disgusting how he thinks he knows everything that God is thinking or doing, especially trying to say God gave Haiti that earthquake, or when he and Falwell said God gave us 9/11 (I believe it was because America tolerated homosexuals). Go google the Westboro Baptist Church, and see how crazy they are. To me, he seems just as batshit insane as them. If God exists, I can guarantee you that he is not punishing Haiti for any “pacts with Satan”. In fact, the whole idea that Haiti would or could do such a thing is ludicrous. Robertson, here’s what you should do to atone for your sins: apologize to the people of Haiti, to us, to the world, and never open your mouth ever again. If you want to believe that God is a spiteful asshole like yourself, feel free, but don’t poison us with your bullshit.

    Oh, and fuck you.

  6. He’s a pharisee. Someone put him in charge of the temple. Unfortunately, the media promotes what he and others like Dobson and Falwell (before his ticket was punched) say as if they are “the voice of Christendom.” It’s people like them that make me embarrassed to say I’m a Christian–even though there are positive examples like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King and Desmond Tutu. Like the pharisees, these folks have allowed their faith to be turned into some kind of control-wielding, fear-enducing, money-centered, hate-mongering, racist, capitalistic cult. Please let them be foolish, just don’t put them on TV.

    It just makes me want to drink.

  7. Generally speaking, I think hate is unproductive, but in Pat Robertson’s case, I’ll gladly make an exception.

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