dishwasher blues

Yesterday I had Claire sitting on the counter while I was making dinner. I was also unloading the dishwasher and there were multiple times I had my back turned to her.

I had wondered what all that green goo was that covered Luca’s hands. He seemed pleased as punch to play with it, so I just let it go since it seemed to not be toxic.

Anywho…I turned on the dishwasher today and went upstairs to put the kids down for a nap. When I came back downstairs, this is what I saw…


Bubbles! Bubbles everywhere! First, I called Matt to tell him what I saw. He started to calmly flip out and told me to quickly wipe it up otherwise the wood floors will warp and the floors under the linoleum will rot. I was laughing. I went downstairs and got all the car towels and proceeded to wipe up the mess. I then started laughing so hard I was crying. I mean, seriously, when would this EVER happen? To me, of course. So as I’m on all fours, laughing so hard I’m crying, my Mother-in-Law walks in the front door and looks at me very confused. I show her the picture and she starts laughing hysterically, too. I mean, seriously, what are the odds?!?

Not to mention, how often do you see your daughter-in-law on the floor on all fours rocking back and fourth. Her first view of me from the front door had to be of just my butt and feet in a rocking motion. Lord only knows what she thought I was doing….humping the air perhaps?

So the dishwasher is fixed. No new, quiet, state of the art dishwasher for this girl. My sub-par one will have to do until I stick a fork in it. And I’m talking a real fork…”How’d that get there? I have no clue…”

Until next time.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Oh, Lord. That happened to me one time when, as a naive college student, I put liquid dishwashing soap in the dishwasher.


    FYI, if it happens again in the future, put a scoop of Crisco in the bottom of the dishwasher, then run it for a full cycle. After that, proceed as usual. Thank Hints from Heloise for that one.

  2. I bet the kids would have loved to play in the bubbles! But then this bubbling might become a regular event…

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