It was a sad, sad day

I finished number 15. And there aren’t any more…

In other news, I’m not at work today. I get a two day weekend with my husband. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing yet or not. Talk to me Sunday night.

The dog got a bath this morning. Claire apparently helped. I was too busy swearing at our POS vacuum cleaner and attempting to suck up dog fur. It’s amazing, I tell you. I kept on going back and forth past the SAME PIECE OF FUR and it WOULDN’T SUCK UP INTO THE VACUUM. So I took it apart. And you know what I found?

1. A barette

2. A paint brush

3. A Santa ring

4. A twizzler

5. Lots and lots of fuzz

What went from 10 minutes of hopelessly trying to clean the rug turned into a treasure hunt of mass proportions and I don’t wish to go back to that. Needless to say, our rug is very clean and now black as it should be, not black with a bunch of white fuzz all over it.

Anywho, I went to the gym today, and I love people watching. Have I mentioned how much I love people watching? OK, I do. There are people that I watch in complete awe and amazement and instantly become green with envy. Then there are people that I watch that just annoy the ever living piss out of me. I will always have love for the 80 year old women who can lift more than me. But again, there was that personal trainer with the beer gut. I mean c’mon. Get a clue! The lady he was working with looked slightly annoyed, as well. I know they pay by the hour, and when the Personal Trainer was busy chatting with someone else that wasn’t paying him, I could just tell she was pissed. As would I be. If it’s your JOB to be in shape and healthy, then do your job.

OK, I’ll step off my soap box now.



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  1. I remember the first time I had to change a vacuum bag…

    Some girlfriend told me the suction was lousy and I should probably change the bag. I said, “What for? I’ve had this thing for 10 years… I’ve never needed to change the bag!”

    I guess I thought the dirt just went through the cord, directly into the wall, where it became “insulation”.

  2. OMG, people-watching is the BEST.

  3. We have a bagless vac and the first time I emptied the chamber, I apparently threw out some kind of filter or something that was supposed to stay there. We had to order a new one. See what I get for helping? I’m sticking with the dishes.

    • See, we have the same thing, however, the filter says to change every 6 months or something…we’ve NEVER changed it. I think we’ve had the vacuum for about 4 years now?

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