Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Yes. It was a BTO kind of morning.

After making breakfast for the family I started to marinade chicken for dinner. Then I got out the old trusty food processor and started to make the next batch of Luca’s baby food. See, I’m on this I’m-going-to-make-all-of-Luca’s-baby-food binge. In fact, it’s really cheap and easy (spread that around would you?) Today I made:

1. Beets-applesauce (sounds gross, I know, but Luca loves it…so does Claire)

2. Sweet potatoes and Oikos yogurt

3. Peas and edamame

4. Avocados and bananas

After making all these delicious foods for the Little Dude, I went on a search for an ice cube tray. Our freezer has an automatic ice maker, so we haven’t had an ice tray in years. But, conveniently enough for me, Carly has her stuff in storage in our basement, including, but NOT limited to, kitchen supplies. I searched and searched…thinking, I KNOW there’s an ice cube tray down here, I know it! But, alas, there wasn’t. But wait! What’s this? Voila! Ikea!!! Sure, it’s in the shape of bottles of some sort…but I’ll just tell Luca they’re old style milk bottles.

OK, so it’s not quite the ice cube tray I was hoping to find, but it’s working.

While making all this stuff I had Luca hanging off my leg, Claire demanding some peas, me trying to walk with a leech attached to my leg and the dog staring at me. I decided enough was enough. I put on BTO “Let it Ride” and cranked it up. And if you’re wondering, yes, singing at the top of my lungs and dancing around the kitchen works. Luca sat on his butt and bopped up and down, Claire started dancing and spinning and I used a spatula as a microphone. When that song was done, what on earth could top BTO? MEATLOAF. “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” to be exact.

“Though it’s cold and lonely in the deep dark night
I can see paradise by the dashboard light!!!!!”

Now, don’t judge me by my music taste. This is merely a small sample of all the random stuff I listen to. It’s a small change from Claire demanding we listen to “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa or “Paparazzi”. (Rather, she demands it by saying, “Ma ma ma ma, Poker face, POKER FACE!”) However I do love those songs, too.

I suppose it depends on the day or what I’m doing to spark my musical preferences. When driving home and both the kids are screaming or I had a long, hard day at work I prefer the Pops or Symphony station on Sirius. If I’m in the car alone I usually enjoy Sublime, The Roots, My Chemical Romance or 30 Seconds to Mars. When Claire has her way, it’s Bob Marley, Jack Johnson or The Frey.

The Sirius channels programed in my car are as such:

1. 90’s on 9

2. The Pulse

3. Hits 1

4. Symphony

5. CNN Headline News

6. Lithium

7. 80’s on 8

8. Coffee House

9. The Blend (blech)

10. Alt Nation

11. Kids Place Live (double blech)

12. Highway (Super duper extra blech…for Matt)

I can safely say there’s always something for me to listen to on Alt Nation and Lithium. I’m usually never stuck finding stuff on other stations. Thank God for SiriusXM!

In conclusion, I’m a music slut. “She spreads her lovin’ all over and when she’s all done, there’s none left for me…” <— Sublime.


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  1. There is never a need to apologize for songs like that, which pass the test of time. Both are classics.

    Paradise is over 9 minutes… that must have been some performance.

    Love “Let it Ride”. I saw BTO in concert once in the mid-80’s and they opened with that. As the opening riffs rung out, I remember thinking, I wonder if their vocals sound as tight live, as they do on the record…

    Then… “Goodbye… I lied… don’t cry, would you let it ride…” Spot-on perfect…

    Then I wondered if Fred Turner could still bellow like before…
    “You can see the mornin’, but I can see the light…”

    Came through like a drill sergeant. Was a great show. They could still bring it.

  2. Highway? Seriously? Oh Matt…

    You’re my girl!! Where would you have been today if I hadn’t pumped all that ’70s rock into your soul, hmmm??? Yeah. Exactly. Luca can thank me later 🙂

  3. Dude, your mornings RULE.

  4. Wow, not being on satellite radio… I think there’s an entire world out there I’m missing.

  5. Cassie or Carly

    Don’t be hatin’ the “Highway” man. I have it programed on my radio as number 1! Along with Alt Nation, Lithium, Coffee House, Hits 1, Pulse, Classic Rewind, 90s on 9, CNN, and Cosmo Radio.

    Oh, and I hope all of Luca’s babyfood is pre-made for Friday because I’ve never used a food processor in my life. Just sayin’. K thanks!

  6. Cassie or Carly

    Bluz: I’m sure that had to be impressive! Good stuff, good stuff!

    Mom: You were so cool to let us listen to “Get a Grip” by Aerosmith

    Kelly: I know. Our mornings are pretty awesome!

    Carpetbagger: You HAVE to jump on the bandwagon. It’s so amazing.

    Carly: It’s all ready pre-made and in the freezer in nice tequilla bottle shapes.

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