we just want our lives back

So it seems the plagued fog has lifted from our house. Instead of going into specifics, I’ll give a brief update of the awfulness that went on.


Matt left for Dallas for his yearly company meeting.


9:00 a.m. – The kids and I met at the halfway meeting point for breakfast with my Mom. Claire was going to stay with her for the night.

3ish p.m. – Mom calls and says it isn’t going to work. Claire just isn’t herself and probably is getting sick. So we plan on meeting at our halfway meeting point again and then disconnect.

4:30ish p.m. – While driving to the halfway meeting point I pull over and throw up. Yum.

5:30ish p.m. – Claire is sound asleep in the backseat, when all of a sudden as we’re pulling off onto our exit, she throws up. A lot. (At this point I have called my inlaws and begged for them to come rescue me.)

5:45ish p.m. – I parked in the driveway and ran over to my neighbor’s house. Carrie happens to be a nurse, too, plus a Mom of 4 and I doubted she would mind all the vomit. She quickly came over and saved the day by helping me with the kids and the barf.

7 ish p.m. – My inlaws show up just in time so I can go and die a little upstairs in my room. They took over everything and all I had to do was throw up.

11 p.m. – Matt comes home from Dallas to find me sitting up in my papasean chair looking half way alive and his parents sitting on the couch. (because of the impending doom of the blizzard, they came home a day early from the meeting.)


I laid on the couch all day being completely useless and feeling a lot like death warmed over. Claire insisted on a peanutbutter sandwich. Not a good idea, however, being indisposed, Matt was in charge. It smelled lovely the second time around…


The snow storm of doom hit and it took us 1 1/2 hours to dig out of our driveway so I could go to work. I got there an  hour late but that was much better than half the other staff.

12:30 p.m. – Matt calls and says he’s not feeling so good.

1:15 p.m. – Matt calls again and says he’s feeling like death.

2:00 p.m. – I get home to find Matt laying on the couch looking absolutely terrible. I helped him upstairs and got him the bucket and the phone and told him to use the intercom if he needed me.

Every 20 minutes for the next several hours, Matt is throwing up. Yum, again.

7:30 p.m. – While Diego is on, I relapse and feel like death again. Super.


Both Matt and I are equally pathetic and call in the troops. I asked Carly if she’d watch the kids for me so I could go grocery shopping, but she said she’d go shopping for me and drop it off. Who wants to set foot in the plague house, anyways?!? Matt’s parents showed up again and again, quickly took over. Frank (the FIL) and I went to pick up my neighbor’s snow blower and Julia stayed with the kids while Matt tried to sleep upstairs.


Well, back up, I threw up again on Sunday. Just when I thought I was safe…sigh.

So Monday morning, I step on the scale. I lost 5 pounds since Thursday. While losing weight is usually idyllic, especially for a woman who just had a baby, this isn’t the way!

Matt took off of work and attempted to clean up the house. Everything that could, went into the washing machine. All surfaces were scrubbed or vacuumed. (Everything except for the bathrooms. Matt doesn’t touch those. That’s left for me, I suppose.)


That’s today. I feel normal again, with the exception of feeling petrified that I can’t eat anything. Fun times.

So here we are. Waiting for the next wave of snowfall to come this afternoon and are extra pathetic. Matt’s upstairs laying in bed with his work laptop on his lap and a heating pad on his neck. Pathetic.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Well, like they say, “The family that hurls together, um… has girls together.”

    OK, they don’t really say that, I made it up.

    Hope you stay better.

  2. YAAAAAY for weightloss!

    BOOOOO for barf!

    Glad you guys made through to the other side, sweetie!

  3. hello – is it just me !! can any one explain why when i type in the firefox browser “whosmydaddy.wordpress.com” i get a different site yet whe i type it in google its ok? could this be a bug in my system or is any one else having same probs ?

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