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You know what chaps my ass? Fake ads for losing weight. You’ve seen them. On CNN, MSNBC, Facebook…and they’re all false. Acai berry diets, cookie diets, Celebrity juice diets…annoyingly bogus. Exhibit A:

First of all, this probably isn’t the same person. Wait, I can say with 99.9% certainty that this is NOT the same person. Unfortunately I know this first hand. My Mom has been used in ads like this multiple times without her consent and there’s no way of stopping it.

Secondly, 3 weeks?!? That is so unhealthy. According to a Google search, it overwhelmingly states that a goal weight loss of 1-3 pounds per week is healthy. This is also what was passed on to me by multiple physicians including my own family doc and my OB/GYN.

Next, what ancient rule? Eat healthy and exercise? Don’t go to McD’s? Cut out the soda? Understand that prepackaged food, even if it’s by Weight Watchers, isn’t the best for you? Oy.

Exhibit B:

When I searched health and weight loss on Yahoo.com, this is what I got. There were only a few valid sites. How the heck are people supposed to learn how to do it correctly?

I’ve taken Hydroxycut before. I figured that because it was Ephedra-free it’d be safe. The funny thing about it? I wasn’t even taking it for weight loss. At the time, I was working two jobs 60+ hours a week and needed the energy boost. The side effects of the med was that I couldn’t sleep, I’m talking major insomnia, leg cramps and, well, weight loss. And I didn’t even need to lose weight.

I’m sure that this is one of the many reasons people buy this stuff. I’m no expert, but the feelings it caused wouldn’t be worth it. Nothing can beat the endorphin high you get after a great work out.

Mom loses 41 pounds after one discovery…pssh…seriously. This Mom (me) lost all my baby weight and then some by breastfeeding, eating right and exercising 4 or 5 times a week. It’s not easy, it’s not fun all the time, but damnit, it’s the only way.

Next, has anyone heard of the cookie diet? Wow. So I understand that people can become despite when they are heavy. And one could think, well, I love cookies, and eating them kinda got me in this condition, so maybe eating only them (and the fancy, expensive, curb-your-appetite ones at that) will cause me to lose weight.

From the Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet website:

Let’s face it: there’s only one way to burn fat and it doesn’t involve magic or miracles. You must take in fewer calories than you need to maintain your weight. But that’s easier said than done when hunger strikes. Dr. Sanford Siegal, a practicing physician based in Miami, Florida, known to generations as the Cookie Doctor®, created his famous Dr. Siegal’s COOKIE DIET® diet program and hunger-controlling meal replacement cookies and shake beverage mixes 35 years ago. Dr. Siegal’s foods contain his proprietary amino acid mixture that results from the blending of various protein food substances. They satisfy hunger without drugs and help you stick to a reduced-calorie diet. To this day, Dr. Siegal personally mixes every batch of his protein formula with his own hands in his private bakery in Miami.

Well, good for you Dr. Siegal, but you are a doctor, right? You took the hyppocratic oath, I assume? Now how is this ethically treating people? Where are you teaching them to eat correctly? To prepare their own food healthfully? (Don’t think I’m not looking at you, NutriSystem.)

I’m not perfect. I eat junk, I make Mac & Cheese for Claire and I’ll eat it myself. Yes, that’s prepackaged. I won’t sit here and say that I don’t. What I am saying is that I consciously look at ingredients that are put into the stuff I buy. I integrate veggies into every dinner and I even make my own baby food for Luca. I buy flax seed, I avoid high fructose corn syrup and I buy fresh at every available time. I exercise. I eat in moderation. I know how to cook. If I know where I’m going out to eat at before I go, I’ll even look online at what is in it and how bad it is for me so I can make my decision based on that. It’s not hard, it’s just an extra step.

And breathe. I feel SO much better now. Thanks for listening!


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  1. People will always seek the easy way out, trying to get all the benefits for none of the work… weight-loss in a pill. As you know, that just ain’t the way it works. BTW, I guarantee that those are 2 different people in the pictures.

    Also notice how, even when they have the same person in before/after shots, in the “before” shot, the subject has no make up, a lousy hairstyle, dowdy clothes and a pained expression. In the ‘after’ shot, the hair is styled, make-up is just right, the clothes fashionable and of course there’s a dazzling smile.

    All of that factors in to the illusion of effectiveness they try to throw on the product.

    • My thoughts exactly. And I’m sure they air brush the crap out of those photos. Never any signs of stretch marks. I’ve had two kids. Guess what I have? Stretch marks.

  2. My friend did the cookie diet, but she only wanted to lose 15 pounds. She even admitted it was silly and is a very smart woman about eating and exercise. The cookie diet does work, but I would assume only for a small percentage of the population that doesn’t have that much to get rid of, like my friend.

  3. Oh, I can’t stand this crap. I never allow weight-loss ads of any kind on BG. I have no interest in helping scammers make money off of people who don’t understand that no “diet” ever works permanently, and the only way to maintain a healthy weight is mindful eating and exercise. Kudos to you for pointing it out!

    • Thanks, girlie! I know, it’s just annoying and it makes me sad for those desprite enough to try it. It makes me sad that people are willing to gamble with their lives like that…

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