Something new

So that whole PPD thing got me thinking. I have to get in control of my life. So here I am. Taking control. I’m exercising, I’m cooking, I’m making my own dang baby food for the little dude. I am the woman. OK, maybe that’s going too far, but I’m excited about all this.

My Mom gave me several DVDs to try out and see what I thought of them, and then I was going to write up a review just for s’s and g’s. I said, “Well, I could post it on my blog here,” and she said, “Well we’ll just put it on mine, since it’s health based.” Makes perfect sense. So then I had a light bulb go off. BING. Make my own health blog!

See, the beauty of it all, is that, well, I’m just your average girl just trying to make it in the world. And I’m going to go through it healthfully, dammit. I’m not formerly overweight, I’m not diabetic, I’m not a nazi gym attender. I’m just me. And I like to make life fun and worth living.

Matt said to me a few weeks ago, “So when is this health-kick thing going to end?” I looked at him and said, “Babe, as long as I’m only working two days a week, I’ve got to do SOMETHING to fill that extra time with, so if it’s going to be finding new and improved ways of making something better for us, then darn it, I’m going to do it. And quit looking at me like I have 3 heads!”

So here it is. The new blog. Please enjoy. Give me ideas. Tell me I’m crazy. It’s all good.

Oh, and check out my Mom’s blog today. The video just cracks me up. Luca is fine by the way, and surely not his first head first dive into the tub.

About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Just please tell me that you’re not going to neglect this blog!

  2. Congratulations! Added to the ol’ Google Reader.

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