team usa all the way!

Tomorrow is the big game. I was thinking about it at work today and when it hit me that it was TOMORROW I think I almost wet myself.

What game, you ask? Team USA vs Canada. The ONE AND ONLY TIME I will EVER root against Crosby. USA looks sharp… Canada looks sharper. Who’s gonna win?!?

In other news, I was at the gym running, listening to Fat Boy Slim (because that’s what cool people do while they’re working out) and watching the USA vs Norway game. It was one of those bittersweet games, where I wanted USA to win, because, well, I’m a US girl through and through, however, Norway is the home country. My great-grandma Katinka and Signe would be proud to know that I sort of rooted for them. Well, probably not. I don’t think they liked sports. Neither did my great grandpas… That almost depresses me. I’m going to say that my ancestors started being cool when I was born. That’s right. Go me.

Anywho, USA pummeled Norway 6-1 and when Ryan Malone scored the 5th goal, I cheered so loud that I think (and it’s hard to tell when you have “RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW…” blaring in your ears) that the gym got quiet for a half a second. Heads turned in my direction and I got funny looks. OK, so what I yelled was, “That’s right Malone, you son of a bitch!” So what. I was running and getting in shape. And I’m passionate about the sport. So sue me. If that was a Steelers game, I’m sure I would have gotten a “Right on, sister,” from the crowd. Oh, and I fist pumped the air, too.

So the big game is on tomorrow. Are we taking bets as to who will win?

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  1. FYI…your great-grandparents were skiers. Cross country. AND they used snow shoes. Often. And skates. Oh, and Katinka LOVED baseball. Adored the Twins.

  2. I love the fact that the categories for this blog are “Cassie” and “over dramatic” – LOL!

  3. Before the game, I feel conflicted. I love my country. And I love my Penguins. How can I root against Sid and the Flower? Sid’s carrying the weight of his country on his back. If they fail, he’ll be dogged about it for the rest of his career.

    I also remember the Miracle on Ice… live, and not the Disney version. That was a formative memory for me and possibly the most exhilarated I’ve ever been.

    I have a feeling that this game will be like this time my brother was at Ohio State and entered a fraternity boxing tournament. (3 one-minute rounds)

    My brother and I fought a lot before he went away to school… he was a constant irritant to me and my friends. So I thought it would be perfectly deserving if some other dude whooped his ass and served him a nice slice of humble pie. That’s what I said going down there, anyway.

    As it turned out, the frat that was running the event liked to rig the fights in their favor, so they put my brother in the ring with a guy that should have been in a higher weight class. Not that I knew this going in… So I was sitting there with my parents, and all I know was that once the bell rang, all thoughts of humble pie were gone. I wanted my brother to take the other guy’s head off.

    I figure that’s what tomorrow’s game is going to be like. Once I see that USA jersey out there, it won’t matter who the opponent is.

    (My brother won in a decision. I’d never been so proud of him as I was that night.)

  4. “The ONE AND ONLY TIME I will EVER root against Crosby.”

    What if USA and Canada meets again in the medal rounds. Criminy!

    • Damnit. You caught me. OK, so maybe I’ll root against him once more. However, yesterday, I said “You know, maybe Cros could score, just once…” and bam! he scored…

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