Good Morning from State College!

Sunday during dinner Matt casually mentioned that he was going to State College on business. He frequently goes there for day trips (a 6 hour round-trip, no less) but this time he decided it was necessary to stay overnight. I immediately said, without hesitation, “We’re going, too!!!” Now, I’ve never been here before, and I have a good friend in grad school, so I figured it would be a perfect time to be able to say I’ve been there, and also see Lucas.

After stopping through Clarion to drop off the Satan…I mean, Sadie-dog, we headed off to State College. (For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s where Penn State is. Our arch enemy since I work for Pitt and Matt went to Pitt.) I got in a quick mile run and then we met Lucas for dinner across the parking lot at the old trusty Olive Garden.

We had a great time with good conversation and the kids successfully managed to make a complete mess of the floor. Luca was eating Claire’s mac & cheese. They were little shells and he had about a 60% success rate of making it to his mouth. Claire’s orange juice on the other hand…let’s just say the floor is carpeting and now it’ll forever remember us.

It was another one of those, Luca-is-up-every-two-hours-and-Claire-is-up-just-as-often-just-not-at-the-same-time-so-Cassie-was-up-every-hour kinda night. But I’m oddly refreshed.

The kids are currently working their hardest to trash the hotel room and I’m catching up on e-mails. I got several from my Mom linking the comments to a review I did recently on a DVD she was sent by a promoter. I have it linked on my other blog —> to the right of your screen, or just click here. Mom’s giving it away to a lucky commenter, so if you want a piece of the action, then you need to get your bottom over to my Mama’s site also by clicking to the right or here.

My favorite e-mail I read, that actually got me star struck was the one by the girl who does the video, Kara:

From Lynn:

Kara loves you!!

From: melissa
Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 5:53 PM
To: Lynn Haraldson-Bering
Subject: FW: Pilates review on Lynnsweigh

I sent Kara the link. Here’s her response. OK with you?
Wow–Could I reach this person to send her a t-shirt and water bottle from the studio?


My response? Woo! She liked me!

You know how everyone has their own secret dreams/aspirations? I’ve always wanted to be a yoga or Pilates instructor. I remember in high school I even looked up schools that teach it in the computer lab. They were all out in California. So I settled on Massage Therapy School. Obviously that went far, since I’m a nurse now…



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  1. I saw you were in State College when you commented on my site this morning… (I love my StatCounter) I was like, “Whoa! Road trip! What’s Cassie doing there, in a hotel, even. Now I know. Hope you have a great time!

    PS: Re- your comment from Kara…
    I feel like that every time you (or anyone else) leaves me a comment. Now I just need you to get famouser!

  2. Awesome! I love the new blog, by the way. Lots of good stuff on there!

    • I’m glad! I love to cook and such, so now that you’re a craft-whore like me, you’ll enjoy it. Next thing you know you’ll be making your own pasta from scratch.

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