ruskies…you just can’t cut it

7-3. I’ll call that an Ass Whooping.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Oh, you did NOT compare Ovenchicken to Hines Ward… Cassandre

  2. Feels good to hate the Russians again. Ahhh, the ’80s.

  3. Cassie:
    Actually I don’t know… I have no idea what he’s like off the field. I thought you were making the comparison based on cheapshot hits.

    Objection withdrawn.

    In my mind, Sid and Ovie went face to face before the game:

    Ovie: I must break you.
    Sid: Go for it.

    • Not to mention, when I was a waitress at Fridays, he would come in, all smug and like his co-worker Big Ben, would stiff the waitstaff but request ridiculous things. Like being snuck in the back door and such. Just makes me nuts!

    • By the end, all of Russia was on their feet, chanting: “Ca-na-da! Ca-na-da!” And somewhere, Brigitte Nielsen was looking pissed.

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