good job, sid

Team USA lost. Am I upset? Not anymore. The fact that they made it one for the history books by scoring with a half a minute left…I can’t complain. It was a great game all the way through.

But Sid. Wow. Being from Pittsburgh and a HUGE Pittsburgh Penguins fan, I’m elated.

This is a man who gives it everything he’s got every second of every game and practice. He’s a leader in both the game and in life. He leads by example and I’m proud that my daughter looks up to him saying, “Crooooooossssby!”

So when Crosby scored the game winning goal, Matt looked at me and said, “At least it was Sid. Good for him.”

And now he has two things Ovechkin doesn’t.


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  1. Ovie didn’t even MEDAL…
    I wonder if Sid is going to blow Geno any shit…

    Loved the game… hope it gives hockey a boost in general, in this country. And I’m so happy it was Sid that scored. Maybe that will keep some of the haters at bay for a while.

  2. If the US would have won, we would have forgotten all about it by the Penguins second game back. I’m just glad Sid has that King Kong monkey off his back. Now he can concentrate on the CUP… which is a much more worthy prize than a dangling little medal.

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