what the hell is this?!?

*Note: this may be by far the most random blog I have ever written, so please try to follow if you can.*

Now, personally, I didn’t get too excited about it at first. It happened once, and then when it happened again, I was almost excited, and then when it happened AGAIN I almost peed my pants. (And is that a run-on sentence? I’m too excited to care, really.)

What is this I speak of? The sun? Well, that, too. But LUCA! He’s slept through the night for 3 nights in a row!!! Ok, so he got up once at 1:30 last night, but he promptly put himself back to bed.

I wish I could say the same for Claire, but those damn monsters keep late hours.

So back to Luca-man. He has officially become the world’s greatest baby. I mean, he was close, but now, he’s near perfection. (With the exception that he still craps in his pants, but we all can’t be perfect.) He’s so darn cute, loves my cooking and doesn’t freak out at the drop of a hat.

Claire’s 2. That’s her excuse.

So now, this sun deal. Being from Western PA we don’t get too much of an opportunity to see the sun. I think I saw a statistic once several years back that we get more rain than Seattle. Honestly, it’s gotta be true. I mean, I’m near albino here…and waterlogged.

Right now, Claire is playing on her indoor slide singing, “The sun is OUT, the sun is OUT!” Luca is throwing things and being generally cute and I’m listening to Jason Mraz and enjoying the sun on my feet. Sure, it’s only 34 degrees outside, but the SUN is OUT. And I thought I saw in the forecast that it is going to get to 50 FREAKING degrees. Spring? Spring, can you hear me? It’s me, Cassie. You are my favorite season, so hurry up and get here, please. Thanks!

I just worked out to Tamilee Webb. Now, if you remember we have a love/hate relationship. (<– read it, it’s funny.) We are now on love terms since she helped me get into size 6 jeans and I could successfully get my frustrations and needs for swearing out without her getting upset with me.

I’m taking this training thing seriously. Last week I ran 3 treadmill 5K’s and biked 10 miles while watching Matt Damon and his hotness in the Bourne Ultimatum at the gym. Today I am planning on another 3.2 miles this afternoon and I’m hoping I didn’t foil it for myself by doing that hard-as-hell leg workout ala Tamilee. I have three perspective 5Ks that I am going to do this spring/summer. The first is in April which is on my regular summer running trail along the Allegheny River, so I’ll feel very comfortable to run that. I invited Carly’s boyfriend, Ben, to run it with me. I’m still awaiting a response.

My next one is the St. Margaret’s Foundation 5k Classic in May. I am [ making Matt run it with me] excited that Matt graciously decided to run it with me. The last one is in June and it’s a night run at North Park. I’m super jazzed for that one.

Sidenote: I just walked into the bathroom where Claire is conducting her business and she just sang to me, “I STILL POOPING!” Then lifeflight flew by ridiculously low and made the walls shake.

OK, so to recap:

*The sun is out

*Luca is being a great baby and sleeping through the night

*I’m a runnin’ fool

*Matt Damon is hot

*Claire sings songs while pooping



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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Well what’s Claire supposed to do in there, read the Wall Street Journal?

    When we were little kids, pooping was a group activity. When one of my siblings got on the hopper, the other 2 of us would assemble in the bathroom to play games like “I See Something.”

    So you have THAT to look forward to when Luca gets a little older…

  2. Hot damn, that IS a good Monday!

    Spring is on its way!!

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