photo montage

I was looking through some older photos and… well… some were beautiful and some were WTF?

Now insert cheesy photo montage music and enjoy!

This one was taken on Carly’s birthday. This would qualify under the category of beautiful.

This one would qualify under: Why the hell would I keep this? Not only are both Carly and Matt eating food, but I’m wearing that God-awful hat. (That was at my Nursing graduation. Don’t mock me. I may be your nurse some day.)

This was taken on Carly’s 24th birthday. This qualifies as: Stop. Please stop now.

First of all. What am I wearing? My excuse is that I was 3 months pregnant with Claire and bloated. And touchy. Yah, that’s it. I was touchy. (Read: bitchy) I’m a DINOSAUR!!!!

This is in the category of: HILARIOUS.

When Matt’s Great Aunt Jul died, we had the fun job of going through her house and cleaning it out. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the woman wasn’t in her 90’s when she passed and had 90 years worth of stuff in it. However, Matt did find this gem of a wig. I think it’s a new look for him.

This one just makes me laugh. Claire was a month old and apparently had had enough. She had a tendency of falling asleep in the strangest positions. But she’d be happy as long as someone’d hold her. Mistake number one…

This is in the category of: Adorably cute.

And finally this one: PERFECTION.

Ha. Not really. But I was a pretty damn cute baby, huh? Personally, I think I was ahead of the cool curve and invented the faux hawk in ’84.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I love all of them, including you in your hat. I was so proud of you that day (and am all the time, but you know what I mean).

  2. You are super cute in your nursing uniform, that’s why you kept it!

  3. Uh oh… triggering all the “hot nurse” fantasies… Is it time for my sponge bath? 🙂

  4. Yeah, Bluz. I’m betting Matt made you keep the uniform… especially the hat!

  5. Aw! I love the one of you in the old-fashioned nurse’s cap!

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