Ser-G-I-O, Ser-G-I-O, and Sergio was his name-o!

Well, I’m on vacation. Thank God I’m on vacation. Although, right now is the most ridiculous time for me to be on vacation with papers, comps, graduation, and job hunting weighing heavy on my shoulders. But, nonetheless, I’m on vacation. In Chicago. With my mom. And flat Cassie. Visiting Heather. Heather is my other “mom”. Or my “sister”. Let me explain…

Mom and I really wanted Cassie to come on vacation this weekend with us, but she has responsibilities, like work and kids and stuff. So, since Cassie couldn’t be with us, we thought of the next best thing. Flat Cassie. Here’s a picture:On one side, Cassie is happy, on the other she is disgruntled. Everywhere we go, flat Cassie comes with us, too. Flat Cassie pumped gas, she drank wine,  ate birthday cake, ate her veggies, got a mani and pedi, and had dinner at a nice French restaurant with our fabulous waiter, Sergio.

During our mani/pedi today my mother (Lynn) was asked if she was not only my mother, but Heather’s mother too. Poor Lynn is only four years older than Heather. I would’ve assumed people would think they were BOTH my mothers. You know, like lovers or something. Lol!

We all wish the real Cassie was here, but flat Cassie has been a riot. Tomorrow, she’ll ride up front with us on the way home, kind of like a mascot. We heart you Cassie!


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  2. That Flat Cassie gets around more than the Travelocity Gnome.

  3. Wow. I mean. Wow. My lipstick job is AWESOME. I’m so jealous. I’m going to have to start wearing it just like that…

  4. Good: Flat Cassie never changes the radio station or protests when you want to listen to that Radiohead CD for the eleventy-billionth time. Flat Cassie never requires bathroom breaks.

    Bad: Flat Cassie is utterly useless when you get a flat tire. Which is kind of ironic. Flat Cassie can’t harmonize when the group sings “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” either.

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