you learn something new every day

*Never in my 25 years have I ever heard of a hand fetish. That’s new to me.

*I found out that there is an organic farm 15 minutes away from my house called Frankferd Farms. I’m super excited for this because after having a long chat with Matt last night about, well, everything, he was 100% on board with going all natural. I’ve been slowly transitioning, but now I have convenience on my side. (And Matt.)

*Matt wants to buy a bike. We had previously decided that we were going to buy them for Christmas, however, it never happened. Last night he said he really wanted to go down that route again, and I’m super excited for that. Does anyone know anything about bikes? I really don’t feel like spending 1000 dollars a bike…

*My best girl-friend is having a GIRL!

*Of the thousands of chemical agents in tobacco smoke, more than 50 have been proven to cause cancer. So you should probably quit, if you do.

*Dora drives me insane. (That’s old news, I guess.)

*Claire likes to touch my nose ring. She says it’s smaller than her thumb and her pinky. Fascinating!

*You can be our fan on facebook! Really, it’s not inflate our egos, it’s to be able to have fun conversations. Don’t be scurred. Become a fan! (Conveniently located to the right, on our blogs we love column.)

About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. And I learned that Cassie is a burgeoning actress!

  2. In my tenure as a psychology major in college, I learned a lot of things, but the most impressive and the one that has so far proved the most useful in my day-to-day dealings with my fellow human beings is this:

    There is a fetish for everything.

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