the funniest story i have ever heard…EVER.

A coworker told me this one. And I promise you, it’s true. However, I’m going to change the names for posterity’s sake.

OK, here we go:

So Allison has a child named John who is MR, about 19 years old, and lives with her. Apparently he sleeps in until 11:30 every day, so she works very early in the morning until right before he wakes up.

One day, at 9:30, she gets a phone call from John:

“Mom, you have to come home NOW. There’s a Troll in the closet!”
“No, John. There’s no Troll, you’re probably remembering a dream you had. Go back to sleep, I’ll be home soon.”

He calls her several more times, pleading, saying there’s a Troll in the closet.

“Mom, I’m throwing Skittles at the closet so the Troll stays in. You have to come home!”

Worried, Allison decides to go check it out. Her boss is totally understanding and she heads home.

When she opens the door, she sees Skittles all over the floor. John comes running up to her and says, “The Troll is still in the closet!”

And then, all of a sudden, a little person (aka midget) comes out of the closet. NO JOKE.

Apparently he is a Census worker who was going to door to door ensuring that everyone completed their surveys.

He said that when John answered the door, he screamed, “A Troll!” and picked him up and threw him in the closet without even hesitating. And he stayed there for a few hours until Allison came home, figuring someone would come home soon.

I joke not.

And now back to 24.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. OH HOLY CRAP. I am not even joking when I say I damn near peed my pants.

    HAHA. This is SO something my (future) child would do, MR or not.

  2. Thanks Cassie. I recently got hired as a census worker and am now seriously rethinking the fact that I accepted. Is $20 an hour worth being locked in a closet? Hmmmm…

  3. @ Elizabeth:
    $60 for a 3-hour nap on company time doesn’t sound so bad… It’s probably nothing to worry about though…

    I hate to rain on the parade, but Snopes considers this a “Legend.”

  4. Legend or not, I like to think that the Skittles thing worked and kept him in the closet. I’m keeping a bag by the bed from now on… you know, just in case.

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