it’s my finger and it’s not going to take any more!!!

When I was a kid, I had a nickel allergy. Apparently, it’s the most common allergy for women under 30. In the 70’s they called it a “Woman Allergy” because of it. I won’t even begin to say how sexist that is.

Anywho, my finger. When I was pregnant with Luca, my ring finger started to get red, itchy, and irritated. When I’d remove the wedding band, it would take time, but heal up and be fine again. Over time, and a year or so later, it’s still doing that, except worse. Way worse. I was to the point where I’d only wear the ring during the day (when I remembered to put it on) and that was it. I never wore it at night and very rarely at all. Matt would get so upset seeing my naked finger. He’d make little comments like, “How do people know we’re married?” or “Remember that thing that I spent a lot of money on? Yah, your wedding band…where is it?”

Then I showed him my finger and told him how much it hurt, and he felt so bad.

It got pretty bad. Here’s an example:

I put my ring on when I was going to dinner with family one night. TWO HOURS LATER my ring finger was red, itchy, inflamed and swollen to the point where I could barely get it off. I remember running through the house screaming, “GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!!!” whilst using soap, lotion, baby oil, whathaveyou to get the damn thing off.

The next day my skin had created a blister and then it got scaly. Now, two weeks later, my finger is almost back to normal.

I looked at my husband and said, “Something’s gotta give.”

So I showed my finger to one of my favorite doctor’s at work. He’s an infectious disease doc, and a very smart one at that. I said, “Dr. Pontzer, my finger hates me. Fix it.”

He looked at my finger and said, “Cassie, this looks like an allergic reaction. Are you allergic to nickel?”

“Wow! Yes, yes I am! Are you saying my husband went cheap on me?”

“No…not at all. 14K white gold is only 14/24ths of gold. Meaning it has to be filled with something to make it stronger. In the US, it’s typically Nickel. Therefore, you are probably having a nickel allergy.”

Damn smart specially trained physician. All this time, I swore…SWORE it was the remnants of a supposed chemical burn. Not so much. It is my past coming back to haunt me.

Well, my ring finger is here to say: IT’S MY FINGER AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

I went to the jeweler and they said I would probably have to get it reset into platinum. Hmm. That sucks. That’s an expensive kind of suck. A 3000 dollars worth of suck. PER RING. Hmm.

So today, after going from jeweler to jeweler, I’ve decided this:

1. I am going to have my rings taken apart. (They are currently saudered together.)

2. I am going to have them sent out and re-rhodium plated for the millionth time.

3. I am going to have them resized a tad larger so they don’t rub and have sweat and junk get trapped.

4. I am going to buy THIS.

5. Then, while at the jewelers, I am going to bitch and complain about the fact that their ring company is cheap and can’t use any other metal other than nickel to fill the remaining 10th.

OK, maybe I won’t do step number 5. It’s totally not in my nature to be like that. At least face to face. I can’t be mean. It’s a friggin’ curse.

So when the kids wake up from their naps, I’m going to first, go to the gym. Then! I’m going to take my rings to the jeweler and make them do all of the above mentioned things. And if it’s the annoying chick with the braces, I’m going to rip them off her teeth if she even tries to suggest to me that it’s all in my head. Oh, she’s got some nerve. Stupid metal face lady. (I seriously have NOTHING against braces. Nothing at all. That’s just how I remember her…and her braces induced lisp…)

Wish me luck.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. You can save about 2.5 grand by having them sized bigger, then wrap them in yarn, like a boyfriend’s high school ring.

    OK, I admit it might diminish the effect. But I bet a bunch of young guys hit on you.

  2. Have you considered a finger condom? They are 98 percent effective! Not to mention very attractive.

  3. When I first read the title of this post, I really did not know WHAT to expect.

    But man, that sucks SO BAD! Maybe you should have a little button thingie on your blog that links to your Paypal account, and you can call it “Cassie’s Finger Fund.”

    A bunch of pervs would come here thinking they were gonna see some pr0n, and you’d have your three large in NO TIME!

    (I so smart.)

  4. What, they don’t do the ring-wrap any more? I gotta get out to more Under-18 clubs… my intel had gone stale…

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