Review time!

So on my Mommy’s blog, I have been her DVD reviewer. This one that I wrote was by far my favorite DVD to review. So that’s why I’m putting it on here. A normal blog shall follow when I’m feeling froggy.

Side note:  my Mom chose the photo. I’m going to assume it’s because my shoulders look cut and I look generally thin. My Aunt Tracy who is visiting from Minnesota (woo woo!) said that I look like a 50’s style mom. I agree with her. Oh, and I don’t remember using the word Yowza, but now that I think about it, I may have. I’ve clearly been hanging around my Mom too much. I prefer “Hot Damn” in it’s place.

Oh, second side note: if you want to be entered to win it, comment on her blog. It’s conveniently located to the right of your screen. KTHXBYE!

Another Cassie Workout DVD Review And Giveaway!

While I’m busy hosting (and goofing off with) my BFF sister-in-law from Minnesota this week, daughter Cassie is taking over Lynn’s Weigh again with a review and giveaway!

That’s Cassie on the left…LOL Claire is in the Super shirt.

She’s reviewing “10 Minute Solution: Ultimate Bootcamp with Jessica Smith.” If you’d like to enter your name to win this DVD, leave a comment or send an email, as always, to me
With her ass-kicking review, here’s my daughter, Cassie Conti.

I joined the Army eight years ago when I was 17 years old. And while yes, having a 17-year-old’s body makes it a bit easier, boot camp was the hardest thing I’d ever done in my life. So I can say with a bit of authority that this DVD lives up to its “Boot Camp” name. It is quick, effective and difficult. If you are looking for an easier workout or just starting a workout routine, this DVD probably isn’t for you just yet. I loved its intensity, muscle-specific training and over all butt-kicking force. This is what I wrote to Mom after I did the first two workouts: “Holy crap, this DVD is kicking my ass!”

“Ultimate Bootcamp” is the perfect workout for people with intermediate to advanced workout experience who are in a time crunch and looking for a quick, solid workout. The DVD has five separate components:

Fat Fighting Skills & Drills
I am NOT good at jumping, nor am I particularly agile or coordinated since I broke my hip 8 years ago. This workout alone will greatly help me with all of these issues. It is a non-stop, heart-pumping, kick-your-butt workout. The 10 minutes go by so quickly, yet it is a makes-me-sweat/I need-a-glass-of-water-at-the-end segment.

Ultimate Upper Body Training
Wow. Just wow. I have never known an upper body workout to be so intense! Jessica’s moves are so unique and muscle specific. Even using my 5-pound dumbbells, I was struggling at times. However, I’m not saying it is too difficult, it is just extremely challenging. This workout has traditional pushups as well as triceps specific pushups, so if you have wrist issues, it may be a difficult segment. There are also several moves where the weights are doubled up, increasing the intensity.

Ultimate Lower Body Training
I just completed this exercise tonight and my legs feel like Jell-O. As I said before, I’m not good at jumping, but I figure how can I improve at something if I don’t work on it, right? There are a lot of lunges and kicking in this segment, however, the moves are original and refreshing. Coordination is key and since I’m weak in that area, this segment will help improve that.

Ultimate Total Body Training
This one is great for toning. I also found muscles I never knew existed. In my favorite move, Jessica has you in a pushup position while holding on to dumbbells. Then, by bringing your foot up to your hand and back, you end the rep by doing a one-armed row. Yowza! For the first time in a long time, I was sore when I woke up this morning. Sore in a good way 🙂

Six-Pack Ab Attack
This segment definitely lives up to its name. I have never done an ab workout like this before, and if you’re looking for a traditional sit-up and crunches routine, you’ve found the wrong workout. You’re going to do a LOT of planks, and stability and lower ab work. Jessica even has you pretend you’re crawling in the mud! This is a high intensity, super-fast-paced workout. I had a hard time completing this the first time around. Second time it was easier, but still really challenging.

Jessica Smith is an awesome motivator and isn’t annoying in the least bit. I like that she is upbeat, easy to follow and not to mention gorgeous and has an amazing body. That’s why my favorite thing about this DVD is that even Jessica is out of breath at times. If she’s getting a tough workout, then so am I!

***** I also really wanted to say that Jessica is so super hot. But I didn’t want those girls reading Mom’s blog to get the wrong idea*****

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  1. You DID use yowza!! I changed a few things, but not that! LOL

  2. What a fantastic photo of you!

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