Mommy, I’ve got a wedgie!

Claire just finished screaming at me for 20 minutes straight by ending it yelling, “Mommy! I’VE GOT. A. WEDGIE!!!!” I figured it was time to have an intervention.

At least life is still simple for her.

(OK, so this posted. Not sure why…continuing on…)

I’m like a walking John Mayer song. More specifically, My Stupid Mouth:

My stupid mouth
Has got me in trouble
I said too much again…

After my doctor’s appointment yesterday* I was at the checkout desk getting ready to leave. When I looked down the hall, I saw Dr. Brown (a different doctor than the one I just saw) about to go into a patient’s room. He pointed at me, I pointed back.

Dr. Brown: “It’s on. Next month. It’s on.”

Me: “Oh, you know it. I ran a 5K last week and did real good. Plus it was cold.”

Dr. Brown: “I ran a 5K last month where it was cold and I only used my left foot.”

Me: “Ha. Bring it.”

Then he ducked into his next appointment and his staff looked at me, confused.

See, this next month’s race is for the St. Margaret Foundation’s Bed Fund. It’s a really super awesome cause. They help raise money for patients who can’t afford health care or supplies. Recently, they were able to purchase a window a/c for a patient who had breathing issues. This will greatly improve this person’s quality of life in the summer time. They also have a little shuttle bus that is free for seniors to get to the hospital to visit a loved one or to get to appointments. I mean, really awesome cause.

Now, if you didn’t know, I work for St. Margaret Hospital. I love it. It’s considered a community hospital and we really are like a small town. Everyone knows everyone.

So I told my boss, Jay, that I was going to kick his ass. Then I somehow implicated the same thing with Dr. Brown. Who next? The thing with Dr. Brown is, whatever. He beats me, he beats me. If Jay beats me…he’ll never let me live it down. He’ll facebook slam me. He’ll mention it every chance he gets at work. He’ll rub it in.

Can’t say I blame him, though. Like I said, my stupid mouth is getting me in trouble.

Seriously, though. I don’t care who beats me. I really just want to go out there and get the best time possible. It’s a flat course and I’ve been working really hard to prove it to myself that I can get under 25 minutes. It’s a stretch, but attainable, I think.

Now Matt on the other hand is SOOOOOOO going down.

Oh, and finally, Claire said, “Let’s go Pens! Beat Outerwear!” So c’mon! Let’s beat Outerwear! I mean, Ottawa!

*I’m going off of Celexa! My doctor said, “Be healed!” and I am so. No, seriously, I’m SO much better. Yay for no longer being postpartum depressed any longer!


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  1. The playoffs can do wonders for PPD. Now let’s beat the Outerwear Senders.

    • Cassie or Carly

      Well, if Fleury had shown up to play, perhaps we would beat them. Maybe he really thought we were playing against the Outerwear Senders.

  2. If you run Jay’s butt into the ground, I suspect you will do the same to him. No? I would expect nothing less. He needs it.

    • Cassie or Carly

      Well, I do suppose so. But I also remember that he was a smoker and is old. So I mean, he does have that going against him.

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