twenty five random things

1. watching Luca walk reminds me of Frankenstein. Now he likes to walk and clap at the same time. He’s more coordinated than me even after a full night’s rest.

2. I finally watched all three Bourne movies. What the hell took me so long?

3. What is it with men and their neck hair? I won’t lie. I shave Matt’s. How can men live with it? It looks so unclean when it grows and grows…And before you ask, no, chest hair doesn’t bother me. Just neck hair. And some back hair. Yah, that bothers me, too. Oh, and ear and nose hair. *shiver*

4. I wish I was 5’5. I’m 5’8 and I feel like a behemoth.

5. Listening to Right Said Fred makes me feel sexy while running.

6. While running yesterday, I was watching 16 and pregnant (yes, I know) and it made me cry. No, seriously. The girl decided to put her baby up for adoption and she was crying and holding her son knowing she’d never really get to know him. I mean, really. How sad. Smart girl.

7. Crying while running makes people look at you funny.

8. Moose the cat is back! Just for the week, but he’s back. After spending all of 5 seconds scoping the scene, he has deposited himself back to his regular resting spot on the couch. We missed you, buddy. Well, not Matt. But Claire and I did!

9. I thought I had never won an award before, but infact I have! In high school I always won the Presidential Physical Fitness award because I’m that awesome and a nerd. I ran that mile with such spirit. At least that’s what Mrs. Farley told me.

10. Speaking of Mrs. Farley. I always felt so bad for her. Those girls were always so mean to her. Plus her husband was a loser who stole stuff. But her sons were good looking. I still feel bad for her today. I wish I was nicer to her.

11. My best guy friend’s favorite song is Africa by Toto.

12. My favorite song is #41 by Dave Matthews Band. I like a lot, but that’s probably my favorite. Unfold by Jason Mraz is a close second. Adagio in G minor is up there, too.

13. John Coltrane was the reason I played the saxophone. Too bad I wasn’t all that great.

14. Claire says she wants to play the french horn.

15. When I was a kid, I used to want to work at Target because they have those cool scan guns. Now, at work we have them for medications. Life has come full circle.

16. I’ve taken this eating natural and organic a little to crazy far in my head. At the grocery store I read an ingredient list of some and gagged.

17. I’m not a big fan of hugs. I’ll hug my kids and such, but that’s about it. Something about squishing my boobs against someone just doesn’t sit right. I don’t care how well I know you.

18. I could read the same book over and over again. But I’m fine with watching a movie just once most of the time.  That’s probably because I hate getting caught up in the fantasy of the movie. In books, I can choose what they look like and such. In movies they’re always gorgeous and airbrushed. Yet I fall for it every time. Plus I hate that empty feeling I get after it’s done.

19. When Twilight first came out, due to my slight dyslexia, I seriously thought that Pat Robertson was in the film. Not Robert Pattinson or whatever.

20. I love the sound of a lawn mower when I’m trying to sleep.

21. I listen to David Gray’s cd Life in Slow Motion daily.

22. Wearing shoes should be optional.

23. People who get a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night suck.

24. I hate being jealous. See number 4 and 23.

25. It was more painful than I thought to think of 25 random things. I’m sure, though, as soon as I post this I’ll think of 25 things that are random and INTERESTING. Until then…


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  1. Okay, I’m 5’5″ish and wish I was 5’8″ – work it girl!

    #15: Ha! I still tell people about your wanting to work for Target for that reason! LOL!

    #17: It’s the Norwegian in you, trust me!

    #19: Slight dyslexia? Yep, you’re a Haraldson!

    #22: Couldn’t agree more!

  2. When you write a post like this, long comments may be inevitable.

    2. Great series! Lots of action, plus I love Joan Allen.
    3. I had no idea about neck hair until maybe 5 years ago. A female friend was commenting about what attracted her to some guy, and his clean neck was first on the list. I was like, “that matters?” From then on, it became something I took care of. And I vow to NEVER be that old guy with hair spilling out the nose and ears.
    4. The world does not have enough tall chicks. Never change! I hope that Matt is tall and because of you, never has to get that crick in his back from hugging (oops) or dancing with you.
    11-12. Toto? Really? They’re so bland I don’t see how they can generate that strong a feeling one way or another. (My favorite song, if I had to pick only one… Meat Loaf, Bat out of Hell.)
    14. Remind Clair the one can only be so cool with a French Horn. Then again, I wish I could play anything.
    15. At least now you don’t have to wear the red smock.
    17. (crossing “group hug” off the list of activities for the Darwinfish Fry.)
    18. I can easily read the same books and watch the same movies over and over, if I really like them. If it’s been a while, sometimes I even forget what’s coming, especially with books. I remember seeing the movie Secret Garden with Johnny Depp, and completely forgot that I’d already read the Steven King short story it was based on. Had no idea what was coming. I took it to mean that I should stop drinking wine when I’m reading.
    19. Somehow, I don’t think Pat Robertson would be very sparkly with that age group. Plus, he’d probably tell everyone that their world was cursed with vampires because God was punishing them for spending too much time at the mall.
    22. My sister was constantly barefoot when we were kids, but I hated it. Tiny pebbles from miles around conspired to roll under my foot to step on, which would make me hop around, until I landed on a pebble with the other foot.
    24. Jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing and does absolutley nothing productive. I try to banish it from my life.
    25. Hey, these were interesting! I may even steal the idea someday.

    • Cassie or Carly

      Steal away! Group hug will be…um…OK, I guess. Meat Loaf. That explains a lot. Matt’s only 5’9″…so I can’t wear heels, EVER. Not even to my own wedding.

  3. 2. What DID take you so long?

    3. What kind of God will take all the hair off the top of your head but make your ear hair grow like a weed? This alone makes me question “intelligent design”.

    7. Running anywhere at anytime makes me cry.

    9. I, too, was a nerdy Physical Fitness Award-winner. I remember shimying up the rope to the gym rafters to get it. No way they let kids do that today, right? Not without a helmet, flack jacket, and saftey harness.

    11. If my favorite song was Africa by Toto, I would never marry a girl with a blog.

    14. I played the french horn through Jr High and High School. Very difficult on the lips. It’s was also a pain in the ass to carry home to practice, so I mostly didn’t. Plus, you can’t march with one, if you’re into that kind of thing. (Did I mention I was a nerd?)

    18. I’m just the opposite. Don’t know if I’ve ever read the same book twice, but I will sit through the most inane movies when I cross their paths on cable: Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Speed, and all the Bourne movies.

    19. Pat Robertson in Twilight. Ha! He is ever so dreamy.

    20. Living in the city, the smell I miss most is that of freshly mowed grass.

  4. Thats why I hugged you from behind. Our boobs didnt squish!!!!

  5. 1. I’ve noticed the same about Louie. He’s more coordinated than me or my girls, almost as much as his dad. That’s a good thing – trips to the hospital are less likely this way (says the mom who’s daughter has had 2 trips for stitches in her forehead).
    2. I love Jason Bourne. What did take you so long?
    3. Neck hair, back hair, ear hair, nose hair. . .gag.
    4. I’m 5’3″ and I have always liked my height. Is that weird?
    12. I LOVE DMB. Almost ALL songs. That’s what I mow the grass too – in fact, had you stopped by last week, you would have seen me jamming to Last Song and Don’t Drink the Water on the tractor. I knew you had good taste. I like a little Mraz too. And Adagio is the first song on my sleep CD. I’m usually out by song #3.
    15. I am SO old! They didn’t have Target when I was a teen. Should have hung onto that walker. . .
    17. Hugging without boob smooshage is a tricky thing.
    18. I can read books I love over and over and I can watch movies I love over and over, but some I can’t even get through the first time. The ones that sucks us in time and time again? Troy and Pearl Harbor. I think they must subconsciously represent something in time (I think Pearl Harbor was the first movie we saw together at the beginning)
    19. LMAO at you and the comments
    20. Better than dirtbikes, I’m sure, which is what I used to get when I was working night turn. It never fails that right when I lay down for a nap, when all is right with the world and Louie is napping and Laynie is calm, that’s when an 18 wheeler or a dirt bike or some bonehead without a muffler has to truck past. Grr.
    22. They are in the Pater house.
    23. Agreed. Feeling your pain here.
    24. On #23 – that’s not jealousy, it’s sleep deprivation, which can make you think evil evil things about people that sleep soundly (throwing a dirty look at my husband).

  6. What Emily siad. Or said. 🙂 And I’m 5’5 and am the tall friend for several women in my life. WTH?

  7. Don’t hate me! If I don’t get eight hours of sleep on a regular basis, I turn into a psycho bitch from hell. One with PMS AND shingles.

    I don’t know WHAT I’m going to do if I ever have a baby. Get divorced, probably.

    • Cassie or Carly

      I don’t hate you. If I didn’t have kids, this wouldn’t be an issue. Plus I would work full time. So see, it’s not so bad!

      You make it work for you when you have a baby. It’s amazing how it works out. You’ll be a great mom.

  8. I dated a tall girl once… she was 6’1″. (I’m 6’3″) It was totally cool… for the first time, I could look directly across into a girl’s eyes. We used to like to walk around the mall together and watch people get our of our way.

    But it was strange in other ways. She was very big… completely in proportion to height, but still very stout.

    Being “with” her was like being a seesaw, if you know what I mean.

    Now what exactly does Meat Loaf explain? Hmmm?

    • Cassie or Carly

      First of all, TMI. Just kidding.

      I think for me feeling behemoth-like is the fact that I have huge hands and feet. I’m like a puppy who hasn’t grown into my paws.

      Nothing wrong with Meatloaf. I actually have Bat Out of Hell. Didn’t see that one coming, now did you?

  9. I understand about the hands and feet. Well, the feet, anyway. Reminds me of when I was a young teenager. I wore the same size as my dad for about an hour, before shooting right through to size 12. Felt awkward, but was really good at measuring things on the floor.

    Always thought I had small hands for my size… not like the guy in the Burger King commercials, but still, I should have been able to palm a basketball, which killed my dunking prowess even worse than my complete lack of vertical jump.

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