ten random photos

In keeping with the theme of last blog, I’m going to do the same, just with photos!

1. OK, so what’s with the chicken? Well, Carly is on this kick about not eating animals that have been treated cruelly prior to them being beheaded or slashed for death. If they didn’t get petted or see sun light or get to stretch their little animal legs, she’s not eating it. Being the ever so loving and supportive sister, I decided to take this obnoxious picture, thus proving that I am eating chicken that has been treated (hopefully) decent prior to losing its head.

2. There it is. The official photo right after they shanghaied me and told me I had won. I didn’t lie. I had a LONG shift. And I also didn’t lie that those stupid scrub tops make me look fat. I really should invest in new ones since I’ve had these ones for four years. But anywho, that’s me and then my boss and then the most awesome person in the whole world, Wendy. She’s the leader of our LPN group and a really super good human being.

3. That’s my little man. He’s turning 1 next month. Tear. As I’m writing he’s playing with Claire’s toys since Claire is napping. He’s no idiot.

4. When we went to Minnesota a few summers back, we stayed at the Hilton downtown Minneapolis. This was in a basket at the bar in the hotel room. I find it interesting that there’s two of everything except for lube. They’re insinuating a lot here. And obstetrical towelettes? Are we planning on giving birth, too?

5. Also in Minnesota at the Hilton, I had to tie Matt’s tie for him (Double windsor, thank you very much.) since we were running late. Not only do I look manish with my square jaw but I look rather scary. I wasn’t done with my hair yet, but it looks like something died on top of my head. Memories.

6. This here is a photo from our free vacation to Orlando. It was a required trip for Matt’s work. And he HAD to bring family. Damn. Free trip to Florida. At a really nice hotel. It was such a terrible vacation. Anywho – these ducks were the smartest ducks in Florida. It had to be pushing 100 degrees that day and there they were, sleeping in the shade under the recliners. Impressive.

7. For our honeymoon, Matt and I went to Niagara Falls, ON. Now before you think, LAME! It really, truly wasn’t. There’s the touristy Niagara and then there’s the Cassie wants to show you something awesome, Matt, but don’t ask any questions until we get there, Niagara. This is from the last one. If you’ve never been, then you may or may not be familiar with the whirlpool. A few miles down from the falls the river takes a 90 degree turn thus creating this amazing whirlpool. Matt and I wanted to see it up close and personal. So here I am, posing in front of it, showing that I had to descend the massive hill with my hands and my bare feet. It was SO worth it.

8. While eating lunch one day at Niagara Falls, we noticed a Coke truck having a hard time backing up. This photo was taken after about a full hour of failed attempts. There we sat on the balcony, watching painfully as this poor schmuck tried and tried and TRIED to back the damn thing up. I figured it had to be photo worthy. Matt and I enjoyed a 3 course lunch and the truck driver nearly had a stroke from stress.

9. This year will be a first. Carly and I will be making Thanksgiving dinner all by ourselves. And I’m super excited. This photo was taken a few years back when the only thing we were responsible for were the party potatoes. (A mashed potato with sour cream and cream cheese mixed in. In a word: genius.) This is the outcome after the food fight. One thing vs ten. Lord help us.

10. Again, I mention, my little man is going to be one. And this is very bittersweet. There is no more of this going on. And for the record, he’s sleeping on Carly.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I never pegged you as one that would lead with a breast shot…

  2. These are great pics. Cute babe!!

    Actually I think Niagara Falls would be a cool place to have a honeymoon. So many people go to all these exotic places, but really it’s about being with your new husband or wife. I actually have never been but want to go.

    Poor truck driver. I hate trucks, but I often marvel at how well they drive. I would be the shmuck trying to back up 100 times. That’s why I don’t drive one.

    • Cassie or Carly


      You have to go. It’s so awesome. We explored during the day, gambled at night. I mean, where else can you do that? Vegas? No way! We stayed at a great hotel on the falls, walked everywhere and just had a great time together. I need to get my passport so I can go back.

      I felt SO bad for the truck driver. Even from where we were sitting, you could see his face turn twenty shades of red and that big vein in his forehead was sticking out. He was also swearing in french. I used to ‘drive’ trucks for the Army, and I’ll tell you, NO FUN AT ALL.

  3. Ten More Random Things:

    1. Your hair rocks.

    2. As does your nose stud.

    3. Aren’t you proud that you’re OFFICIALLY the best LPN in the history of LPNs?

    4. Luca: THOSE EYES!! THOSE EYES!! I think I’m ovulating now.

    5. Obstetrical? I don’t get it. Maybe they thought “gynecological” was unseemly.

    6. Niagra’s not lame. Frankly, I always thought Hot Springs, AR would make a pretty kick-ass honeymoon. It’s close (so no flying), it’s historical, it’s relatively inexpensive, it’s beautiful, and IT IS SPRINGS THAT ARE HOT! What more could you want?!

    7. Cream cheese mashed potatoes? YES, PLZ.

    8. Luca: I NEED A BABY SO BAD.

    9. OK, so maybe I didn’t really have 10 things.

    10. But hey, at least I tried, right?

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